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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by BudFromAbove, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. BudFromAbove

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    Ok, I have searched, but havent found a definite answer to how often I should water my seedlings. I dont wanna rot the roots, but I dont wanna dry them out either. Should I just make sure the top stays moist? Is that a good idea? Or should I do the finger test?
  2. pit6ull420

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    i would spray them with water and nutrients
    everyday wet the plant and dirt good but
    not to much and it will sink down and go out
    the drain holes
  3. pit6ull420

    pit6ull420 Registered+

    superthrive works good and it says a drop
    a gallon but i usually use about a capful per gallon
    makes them grow way faster and hasnt hurt anythng
  4. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Terrible advice. Superthrive is SUPER concentrated and should NEVER be overapplied! I have seen people KILL their plants with the stuff! Seedlings should not be given any type of nutrients. If you really want to give them superthrive, use it at a rate of a drop per 2-4 gallons.
    Also, spraying or misting seedlings is a common cause of damping-off and can leach what little nutrients the little plants off out of the leaves.

    Water them lightly, but frequently, and if you are worried about disturbing the roots or damaging the stems with a strong flow of water, use a cheap diner-style ketchup dispenser instead. If you used nice light soil and have lots of drainage in your pots, and the pots are nice and small, you should not run into water problems with young plants. Don't give any type of fertilizer until the 5th set of adult leaves is unfolding.
  5. the image reaper

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    agreed 110% ... :thumbsup:
  6. Weedhound

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    Oh no.....another klondike......:eek:
  7. stinkyattic

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    I already ran a check. It's not Klondike, or .:Karma:., but that's EXACTLY what I thought too!
  8. Mr. Clandestine

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    A turkey baster works great for this purpose, too. In fact, I use the baster all the way until the plants are taken out of their 2gal pots and transplanted into the 5gal ones. Tedious, but effective. It also gives me the opportunity to get a close up view of the leaves and see if any tell-tale signs of problems are starting to show.

    In this respect, I envy the hell out of hydro growers who only have to change water once a week, or so. :jointsmile:
  9. zoott

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    What kind of nutrients would you recomend after the first set of adult leaves? Can you suggest Something that you can get from home depot or lowes?
  10. stinkyattic

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    Nothing quite yet... 4-5 sets of adult leaves and THEN you can give them something gentle, like a grow fertilizer dosed at 1/4 strength. If all you've got is a box store, the shultz liquid plant food is not that bad. But remember... go WEAK at first, and build up.
  11. BudFromAbove

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    Thanks for the replies. Now another quick question or problem i guess. I came in tonight after work and one of the seedlings has managed to kinda corkscrew itself back into the soil. WTF! Not sure what to do about this one.
  12. stinkyattic

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    It will figure itself out. If it doesn't, it's a dumb plant and doesn't deserve to live.
  13. Delta9Haze420

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    LOL!!! I have to say after that comment, I love you stink! If I had room I would put that quote in my sig :D Such compassion and care :thumbsup:

    Other than that, I agree with her 110%. After about the 4'th node, a very light nute can be applied. This is when the plant is generally healthy enough and well established to take a little change in environment.

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