Seedlings falling over?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Watwat87, Jan 29, 2018.

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    I have a grow tent, 600w LED veg/bloom light. Currently on Veg setting, about 14" away. They are falling over, I had lights higher at 18 and before that around 24", seems like no matter how far or close they are falling over. I cant seem to find the "sweet spot". I water them maybe every other day or when soil seems dry. I have a small fan circulating air, temps are good as is humidity.
    What can I do?
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    It's gonna be either too much heat or over watering. Seedlings need a lot less water than a more mature plant that's further along in veg. Prop em up with something and let the soil completely dry out before watering again. Pictures always help too.
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    Put a fan lightly blowing over them after staking them up. The air blowing over will make the stems stronger. :pirate:
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    If the stems are browning where they enter the soil, it means they are "dampening off"
    That is a soil born pathogen. If so, change the soil, or sterilize it before replanting.

    If the stems are clean and the stems are long and spindly it means they are trying to grow too fast. Cut both light and heat back.
    There are some strains that do not do well under any artificial lighting.
    LEDs are actually stronger than full tropical sunlight, depending of their distance from the crown.
    I have two kine that I have to start in sunlight, then slowly transition to leds.

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