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    Hey All, My first time here.

    I germinated & planted 5 Haze seeds and 4 came up right away. After about a week they were growing strong untill one of them kinda fell over. The leaves were pointed to my grow light, so I kinda propped it up on a stick.

    I am trying not to over water, and waiting till the soil drys up b4 watering. Do I need to water more often?...maybe?

    They are about 7 inches tall with 2 leaves so far. This morning (2 weeks old) I checked on 'em and the other 3 were bent over too!!
    The leaves are curved up and pointing to the grow light so I propped them up also and then watered them.

    I dont see root rot, and the leaves are spotless and have great color.

    I have a grow box and the RH is about 45, with temp at 73 - 78f. The light is timered at 6 hours off, 18 hours on. (65w)

    I have just planted 5 more seedlings and I hope to resolve this problem so that I dont run into this with them also.

    Thanx for your help
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    next time...plant/germinate in container 2/3's full of soil. When the seedlings get stretchy and want to fall over, add more soil to prop them up...:thumbsup:

    ( T-12 6500k fluoro tubes are great for the first 3 weeks: keep the bulb within 1-2 inches of the leaves...t-12's won't burn seedlings...:thumbsup:..) stretch...:)

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    Thanx @Dutch Pimp. I did exactly that and even though they were pretty streched, It was a fun gro. (First indoor.) They say you learn from your mistakes and ..I learned my ass off!

    I decided that for my second gro I would try a feminised AK-47 autoflower Lowrider. Germed it Christmas day and it looks great. Nodes are close together, bushy, thick stalk, and its starting to flower like a mofo! I see a difference in it every single day.
    I like this strain so far.:thumbsup:
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  4. Dutch Pimp

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    enjoy your grow...RAINHAZE...:thumbsup:
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    propping works too

    I was browsing on this site and saw someone propped their baby's up with a straw. It was bent in half and held that way with a breadtie, the "v" shape layed on the top of the cup and the seedling was nestled in the middle. I couldnt believe i hadnt thought of that, great temporary setup..........props to whoever posted that pic.

    No matter what you do you will find you are gonna need support unless you have super lighting really close and they get bushier than tall. Might be why LST is so effective cause they need to be "trellised" to some degree no matter what! Im still a newbie and a stoner so take everything i say with a grain of salt.
  6. the image reaper

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    most likely, it suffered from Pythium Wilt (damp-off) ... caused by 'too damp' and 'too cool' soil, the seedling looks great for a few days, then, suddenly found lying on its side ... end of plant ... VERY common ... :smokin:

    RAINHAZE Banned

    I had that happen once years ago, but this time it was from having too little light, too far away.
    I did prop them up when they were about 8 inches tall but, by then the damage was done because I ended up with straggly skinny plants with small yeilds. LOL the nodes were like 4 inches apart!.. Plus haze is probably a better strain to grow in a bigger taller area than the grow box I used. Live an' learn.

    I prefer sativa over indica thats why I went with haze in the first place. (Plus it has all the strains I toked when I was alot younger).
    But I compromized with the AK47af. I believe I read somewhere that its a sativa, indica mix with mostly sativa.
    I have kept the cfl's about 1/2" from the top and even tho the plant is only about 6" tall so far, it has 7 nodes and 3 flowers. Pretty good for only a tad over one month old.
    So far I'm really impressed with how its growing and I highly recommend it to new first time, indoor, limited space, growers.

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    Just an FYI, i use a fan when getting my seedlings ready to go outside, which helps strengthen the stems an helps dry out the cups to help with the issue the image reaper brought up too, but im new also. lol


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