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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by aquanaut, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. aquanaut

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    After my seeds germed I put them in some Canna Coco. Should I water them with a tiny amount of the A & B ferts or wait a week or so?

    Wasn't too sure since I thought Coco didn't have any nutes in it to begin with as some organic soils.

    Thanks! :thumbsup:
  2. aquanaut

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    Well... being my first grow and freaking out about everything. I added 25% of the recommended dosage at 1 week to my water. Which ended up being 0.5mL of the part A and B nutes.

    Watered last night and things are still looking good today.
  3. Faddenator

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    Im glad they're doing good, sorry about the lack of responses... idk why no one did. I dont use coco so I dont know much about it, but if it doesnt have any natural nutes, then yes youll want to keep using that 25% solution till leaves just start to get lighter green/yellow, then up to 50%, so on, and so forth. I believe you should feed every other watering.

    good luck :thumbsup:
  4. MerryPrankstr

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    Guess everyone's been busy...

    Yep, I also use a diluted A & B solution from day 1 with good success.

    Good luck with your grow!

  5. aquanaut

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    Sweet, good to know! Mind sharing the ratio you use at day 1?
  6. PhatJay

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    I am 8 weeks into my 1st grow and I use Canna Coco, I used Canna Start for the 1st 2 weeks. But if I didn't have any Canna Start, I would do something similar to the above. Canna Coco doesn't have an nutes of it's own, so they need a little something to get them started. I was giving my girls about 200mls of water/food a day at the start and feeding 2 days on 1 day off.

    It would be nice if you could start a grow log Aquanaut, then we could trade information.


  7. MerryPrankstr

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    I meant to say diluted part A and C

    I usually follow the ratios from this thread:

    The recipe

    Again, best of luck with your grow!

  8. aquanaut

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  9. PhatJay

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    Now that I have seen the pics in your grow log, I would hang back 7 days on any feeding. They are still just seedlings.

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