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    hey guys, this is my second grow attempt, and my my plants are not growing any taller and some leaves are yellowing, the 2 larger ones are over a month old, the small one is about 10 days out of the ground. May be over / under watering, but the soil drys out thoroughly within the day. i have 1 2ft fluorescent lamp 3 cfl's and a hid lamp for warmth because of the location of my grow box. the box is also well ventilated. temp is between 75-80. not using nuits at this point.

    Photo 1.jpg Photo 2.jpg Photo 3.jpg Photo 4.jpg Photo 5.jpg
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    you should have the florescent tube within 2 inches of the seedlings leaves (in a row, with the light)

    use smaller pots (cups, 18 oz) next attempt
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    That soil is too wet.
    Not saying you overwatered.
    If it's not growing, it's not using the water.
    The top, and outside get dry, you water again, plant is asphyxiated.

    Peat pots are quite hard to judge by look and feel.
    The only sure way to judge the moisture content is weight.
    Weight a bone-dry pot, a sopping wet pot, and a mammabear, (jus' right), pot.
    If you don't have a "feel" for that, use a scale.

    Now, as to why it is not using the water.
    All kine reasons for that.

    Let's look at the common ones.
    pre-nuted medium is a biggie. always use a mix designed to germinate seeds.
    Standard potting soil is too "hot".

    Then there's pathogens and wee beasties.
    Some are obvious and some are hard to spot.

    Get a good magnifying glass and watch the surface of the medium and the stem of the plant when you water.
    If you see itty-bitty spots moving, it could be root aphids.
    They can live in empty peat pots and they often infect bags of soil on the store shelf.

    Fungus gnat larva are also hard to spot until they get too crowded and start hatching "flyers".
    Those 3 don't look like they wil make it, but don't just toss 'em.
    A post mortem exam of the roots may shed some light.

    And not fo' nuttin', that is not an "HID" light. :)
    That is an incandescent spot or flood.
    That's expensive heat.
    A 40Watt closet heater pole would do a better job.

    If you fill out the troubleshooting form, you will get better replies to your questions.

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