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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by valstar, Aug 3, 2010.

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    I have a couple questions. I found a place today selling seeds. A MMC in the springs. I was told by a few MMCs in colorado springs that seeds are illegal to buy. Which is it ? Is it illegal to buy seeds or not?

    Also a few MMCs in the springs stopped selling clones and was advised by their lawyers to do so ( what they said). They said some thing about new laws and cultivation in the MMC is why they had to stop. I am still confused with all this.

    Anyone know of a place here in colorado springs that has some for sale legally? I have my set up ready i just cant get anything to put in there. I dont have a car so it has to be in colorado springs.

  2. copobo

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    it's illegal to transport them across state lines / import them into the country. As far as the medical program in CO, it appears as though they are treated as smokable material, so they would be part of your 2 oz's. (in my opinion, consult your attorney)
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    Fed law (i.e. DEA) considers each seed a plant.
    So very easy to go over one's plant count....
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    Keep in mind there is a ton of mis-information, on this board and elsewhere. Take what you read with a grain of salt.

    That said, copobo is correct in that it's illegal to transport across state lines. The only seeds that should be sold here should be grown and produced here. Cen******* Seeds is a company based here in Colorado, so you might have seen those. I know other MMC's are selling seeds.

    Even if seeds are considered a plant, it's my opinion that Colorado state law defines roots, stems, seeds and leaves as separate material than 'smokable' meds. I think. If someone can post something different, good.

    Where are you located? I have a few clones that I'm trying not to throw out, but my transportation is limited as well.

    The only reason I can see an MMC stopping the sale of clones is vertical integration, where the MMC has to grow 70% of their own meds. The clones might have cut into their production if they were a small MMC or didn't have many patients designate them as primary, if that makes sense.

    Have you tried craigslist? There seems to be a bunch of people selling clones or advertising there, I'm sure if you pay someone would deliver some clones to you.
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    I stopped in the farm in Boulder this weekend just to see what clones they had, and they stopped doing them 'probably at least until Fall" which tells me it has to do with just what you mention - limits and 70:30.

    Grateful Meds (nederland) seeds as well as Releaf (denver). You should call them to find out what they have before you roll.

    from the CO constitution-
    (i) "Usable form of marijuana" means the seeds, leaves, buds, and flowers of the plant (genus) cannabis, and any mixture or preparation thereof, which are appropriate for medical use as provided in this section, but excludes the plant's stalks, stems, and roots.

    keep your business in-state & underweight and you should be okay. please double check my opinion with your attorney.

    some other info to take into consideration-
    Federal Law on Marijuana, Federal Marijuana Law -

    Marijuana plants have three characteristic structures, readily apparent to the unaided lay person\'s eye: roots, stems, and leaves. Until a cutting develops roots of its own, it is not a plant itself but a mere piece of some other plant. We therefore adopt the rule that cuttings are not "plants" unless there is readily observable evidence of root formation. (U.S. v. Robinson [9th Cir.l994]35F.3d442.)

    As part of the 1995 revisions of the federal sentencing guidelines, the Sentencing Commission defined the word "plant." The Commission essentially adopted the Ninth Circuit\'s definition as stated above in the Burke case. Specifically, beginning November 1, 1995, for the purposes of the federal guidelines, a plant is defined as:

    . . .An organism having leaves and a readily observable root formation (e.g., a marijuana cutting having roots, a rootball, or root hairs is a marijuana plant.) (Sec. 2D1.1 Application Note 22, as revised.)

    keep all of your business in state. that's one piece of advice that you can count on!!
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    Just be careful doing this.

    Somebody was just on there yesterday stating they got ripped off. The cup the plant came in had one name crossed off and the name of the clone the person wanted printed on it. Another clone wilted up on the way home and got worse at home. The person pulled it out and it had absolutely no root formation.
  7. cologrower420

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    I saw that too, and it could easily be a pissed off customer. That's the cost of doing business with a free forum like craigslist.

    I have found reputable clone vendors on craigslist, but for every one there are 20 who are only in it for the money. But, it's my opinion that there is a lot of potential money to be made by selling clones, so I'm sure that's why there are so many scammers.

    Until more people have access to growers and reputable suppliers, patients are stuck using craigslist or trusting MMC's.

    I hate to continue to be a releaf fanboy, but their clones have consistently looked better than anywhere else. I know of a half dozen MMC's selling clones at the moment.

    edit: if that guy or anyone else spends ten minutes vetting or doing research, it should have been apparent that the clones sucked. It was probably a high pressure situation, the guy obviously never bought clones before, and was just trying to score a good deal. Why would any sane person who is really trying to grow quality medicine, purchase unverified clones off craigslist? Sounds like a total amateur to me.
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