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  1. personified

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    This is just wild thought and what I see as a flaw in the system.

    So they say that you can grow as long as you get your seed or clone intrastate.

    Well all the sites for seeds are out of state or country. Where did the first seed or clone come from in the state unless it was from an illegal source?

    Just an observation....perhaps it was an immaculate inception :D
  2. bedrockbob

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    Immaculate it was not. I bet there are 100 lbs. of seeds alone crossing that border in the TONS of shitty comes across every day.

    If you have a seed in New Mexico it got there immaculately. Thats my story and I am sticking to it. No problem finding good seeds, and most commercial seeds can be grown into wonderful smoke. As a matter of fact, there are much fewer hermaphrodite plants in bagweed than in select strains. The genetics often really arent that bad in bagweed, but cultivation was sloppy and the product was mishandled to hide and smuggle it over. So those seeds work well, but there is a lot of unknown too.

    Also, I dont think that it is too hard to get seeds and clones. You can get seeds on the internet and I have heard it is a hit and miss proposition. I know there are a lot of closet growers out there with some fantastic strains and surely you could get what is needed from someoene...whether it was to the letter of the law or not. If you were a medical card holder with a licence to grow you would be pretty safe I think, even if you could not buy local.

    I heard somewhere that the producers may offer clones when they had them. I dont know if that is true, but I intend to call them and ask them as soon as my paperwork is all registered with them. They could just snip me off a half dozen cuttings and slide them in a ziplock and I would take it from there!

    I can not even trade clones and seeds with another patient I dont think. Not that I would have any qualms about doing it, but I beleive it would be against the law would it not?
  3. personified

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    Seeds and Clones

    I asked specifically if a producer can sell seeds and the response was:

    The regulations state nothing about seeds. Which left to my interpretation means that as long as you are transferring the seeds to a valid card holder it is acceptable; I would also say that applies to clones. (D) The specific rule for a licensed producer regardless if that is a patient or a Non-Profit says:

    Unlawful Distribution: If a licensed producer or employee of a licensed producer sells, distributes, dispenses or transfers marijuana to a person not approved by the department pursuant to this rule and the act, or obtains or transports marijuana outside New Mexico in violation of federal law, the licensed producer or employee of the licensed producer shall be subject to arrest, prosecution and civil or criminal penalties pursuant to state law.

    So as long as the card holder is allowed to produce or is an actual Non-Profit producer they are allowed to transfer plants and seeds to other MM card holders.

    However I was told that producers can not sell to other producers. Yet when I read this I think that you could legally sell to another producer as they would have to be an approved person by the department and therefore exempt.

    That would be a question to ask a lawyer to interpret. The catch probably is person vs entity.
  4. coolslayer

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    You heard right,producers will(and might already) offer clones.
  5. bedrockbob

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    Now THAT is COOL!!!
  6. coolslayer

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    Definitely cool! As far as I know,one Producer plans to GIVE away a limited number of clones.
  7. personified

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    Clone give aways

    It would be a tough decision to give them away. On one hand it would build customer loyalty in the other it would detract from paying the bills. Especially if that clone is the basis for the rest of the patients grow.

    The one thing I keep thinking while it is economical to grow your own there will always be those who do not have a green thumb or do not have the space.

    That would be the niche that the producers will fill.
  8. firestartersydd

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    "The one thing I keep thinking while it is economical to grow your own there will always be those who do not have a green thumb or do not have the space."

    EXACTLY! Plus, even if you grow six plants max, you are gonna get tired of the same ole same ole. Dispensaries offering seeds, clones, baked goods, paraphinelia, and growing supplies would be xtremely profitable as one stop shops for medi-patients.
  9. bedrockbob

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    By the same token, a group of 6-10 patients working together could have economy, a variety of weed, and baked goods too. Sure some folks want dispensaries! There are a whole lot of follks that would feel a lot more comfortable being self sufficient and keeping to a close group of friends. It is the classic model of how a SAFE network operates. It is also classic New Mexican. Help each other out and plan your grows together, share in expense and labor, and learn from each other.

    Get together with other card carrying patients and see what can be done. There is no need to wait for dispensaries to take off and fill the need when a few patients could get together and really synergize.

    Producers are great and I like New Mexico's way of doing it. But there is a shoratge of medicine. We can do nothing except;

    1) Wait and gripe
    2) Start a dispensary or support one
    3) Grow your own

    personally, I am doing all three, but helping patients organize and become self sufficient is the immediate cure to the demand not being met. Blood weed is NOT the answer to anything.
  10. bedrockbob

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    It has been my experience that just before inducing flowering that there is a profusion of "sucker branches" on a cannabis plant. These are usually used to start clones. There can be as many as 6-8 or more of each plant that is about 12" high, depenting on internode spacing. These are usually trimmed off because they will not get light, and to promote top growth. If'n you are allowd 95 plants, aand you trim 4 lower branches off each one before flowering, you are going to have a lot of clones to give away.

    Just by trimming the plants and inducing rooting you are instantly going to exceed federal and state limits. Four, 10 week old mothers from seed can easily produce 24 clones each 10 days. If you were in a producers shoes you would have 2 choices...throw them away or give them away...I dont think I would risk rooting them or keeping them around, and they wont last long in the refrigerator (10 days, maybe more?).

    So it really makes sense to give them away. It looks like any patient with a growing licence might be able to do that. I was under the impression that they couldn't. If this is true then anyone that needs clones can certainly get them easily. If we can trade seeds and clones there will be no problem with access to medicine very soon. I would gladly grow four big females and take regular clones off them. If I took 16 clones each ten days, I could legally produce and give away one batch each ten days. I could theoretically supply the 4 plant limit to four patients each ten days and be able to do that four to six times while plants were in vegetive growth, with no decrease in my yeild.

    ...One more reason for a cooperative of card carrying patients!
  11. coolslayer

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    Sounds like a good idea.
  12. personified

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    Looks like NOT

    I have found something specific to patients with grow licenses. Trading clones would be illegal.

    Q: Can I produce my own supply of medical cannabis?
    A: Yes, patients can apply for a license to do produce their own medical cannabis. If you are approved, you can have four mature plants and 12 seedlings. The definitions of seedlings and mature plants can be found in New Mexico Administrative Code 7.34.4. Copies of these regulations are sent out with each patient production license Patients can only produce for themselves, it is illegal to distribute to anyone else. Patient production must conform to the plan described by the patient in their application for a personal production license.

    It is funny you can tell this law has definite legal issues that need to be spelled out. It is impossible to have the first seed or first clone with out an illegal act or from a producer. However where did the first producer get the seed or clone without by action a law is broke.

    The age old question which came first the chicken or the egg.
  13. bedrockbob

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    I do not beleive that producers are prohibited for distributing clones, and I would not see where a patient grower would be braking the law as long as they got their material intrastate....regardless of whether it was originally intrastate material. I am not breaking the law by planing a seed from Canada if I got that seed in New Mexico.

    So it is really a moot point. Unless it can be proven that the material came from out of state a patient is not breaking the law. Even if they were, I believe you will find that the crime is misdemeanor posession and has to be witnessed by an officer to be charged.

    So I really dont see any on this as a burden on patients.

    As far as patients forming a cooperative I dont see a conflict. As long as DOH approves of the grow it is definitely not "distribution" to other patients. It is simply a patient growing and sharing resources with other patients.
  14. personified

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    Just an Observation

    I agree true producers can distribute. However you must see that the law is vague and not defined. In actuality it is defined as not to let the patient producer distribute.

    I agree it would be hard to prove unfortunately that is not the point. At one point the first strand had to be from an illegal source. Unless the state gave the first seed or clone which of course we know is not true.

    So there for it must be immaculate photosynthesis herme reproduction. LMAO!
  15. bedrockbob

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    Yeah, you are right about it not being quite possible. But I think that was the only way they could figure out how to word it. It makes it a crime if you are abusing the law and it gives the law the discretion to decide if it wants to prosecute or not. I dont see them busting down my door and whining about where I got my seeds...but I guess you never know.

    Anyhoo, I contacted one of the fine producers and have made arrangements for intrastate material at no cost. Is that cool or what? So I am having no problem at all abiding by the letter of the law and the timing is perfect.

    Unless I got a seed or clone outside of this state and brought it in I believe I would be completely legal. I can posess black market marijuana with seeds in it legally cant I? (Didnt the first guy they bust in Albuquerque prove that?) Well, if I can posess those seeds, and I didnt go across the state line, it is intrastate seed! And I can plant them!

    Viola! Legal intrastate seeds from illegal cartel pot! As a card holding patient I can simply touch Mexican rope and make it blessing it! It may have been illegal at one time, but if I have it in my pocket it becomes legal by virtue of my rights as an MC patient!

    At least that is how my defense will be planned if shit goes wrong.:D
  16. coolslayer

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    "I do not beleive that producers are prohibited for distributing clones, and I would not see where a patient grower would be braking the law as long as they got their material intrastate"

    Obviously the Producers can distribute clones,since they are.I don't think at this point that patients are allowed to.

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