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  1. Weed4Life

    Weed4Life Registered+

    Has anyone ordered from Dr. chronic before and have them shipped to the USA? Do you think it would be safe to pay with credit card or how?
  2. jrbennett

    jrbennett Registered+

    I would not order off of the internet for the fact that it is illegal. The only safe way is to find the seeds you want from a friend. You may want to try to see if anybody may be on who may have some in your area.
  3. Weed4Life

    Weed4Life Registered+

    Been asking people I know, not much luck in this small city. There is alot of people from this forum that buy seeds online and are okay. I figure as long as I am not growing at the time I am placing the order I should be okay. I think I will order 2 months before I move from this place.
  4. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Sometimes thats not easy to do, especially in my case. I know alot of people that order online with no problems, and yes I hear that Dr. Chronic is highly recommended.
  5. newbieb

    newbieb Registered+

    i ordered off them 1 order came through and one order got taken by the usda i think its been around amonth but i paid money order the first one came in like a week and half from the day i send the money order
  6. Jdzzl03

    Jdzzl03 Registered+

    I sent off a money order about a week ago. They say it takes about a week to get there and then 1-2 for me to get them, if they arent seized. Ill let you guys know if they come in. Happy growin-Diz:Rasta:
  7. Weed4Life

    Weed4Life Registered+

    Hey jdzzI03, did you put your name on the order for the seeds? what was the details of this process. I plan on ordering once I hear word back from you. I was gonna order sum of the Nirvana seeds from Him.
  8. rhino44

    rhino44 Registered+

    i recommend not using your real name on them, use a made up name that way if they get confiscated you can deny all liability. i doubt that will be a problem cuz the Doc id pretty discreet but you never know
  9. BlazedMind

    BlazedMind Registered+

    If you used a fake name there is a good chance the mail carrier would not deliver them to you and send them back.
  10. Mnoutdoorz

    Mnoutdoorz Registered+

    I was thinking the same thing. Do you think if you just added or changed a couple of letters would that work. Would it help waive the liability issue? I'm really not that worried like everyone one here says don't do the crime if you can't do the time, and I'm definetyl going to order, but there's no harm in being extra cautious.
  11. Weed4Life

    Weed4Life Registered+

    Thats a good Idea. Just pay with a Money Order, re-arrange your name alittle, and that should be good enough to not raise suspicion to yourself when it is delivered, that way It looks like junk mail possibly.
  12. BLaQLiGhT

    BLaQLiGhT Registered+

    Works For Me...

    I for one have ordered from Dr.Chronic with no problems. The mail that U will be getting doesn't look anything like junk mail. I mailed in cash and 14 days later, My beans where in the mail... I put my name, my address, everything. Maybe I got lucky, I don't know. I guess I got lucky 3 times, I have also ordered from Gypsy Nirvana and I believe Gypsy is better then the Doc. I can't tell you how they ship their seeds but I was laughing knowing that if they shipped it this way to everyone, then no one would miss their seeds. Gypsy have a funny trick they got going. Thats why I odered from them again the same way, Mailed money in with printed order and my order code and got te seeds again. The last time I ordered seeds was 3-29-06 and they came in 4-10-06 from Gypsy Nirvana. I live in Florida which is known for drug trafficing I think and I never had any problems. Here are my pics if you dont believe me. Oh another thing that makes gypsy better is that they give freebies :dance: which I Like... " Miami HeaT OwnS aLL "

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  13. Weed4Life

    Weed4Life Registered+

    So, you purchase the seeds U want, print out the order, mail them cash and have the seeds in 2 weeks?

    BLAQLIGHT... Now when U ordered gypse nirvava seeds, did U get those from seedboutique or who was it?
  14. Jdzzl03

    Jdzzl03 Registered+

    Dr Chronic

    I put down a safe addy, under a friends name, and printed out the order form. I filled in the info, got a money order and mailed the entire thing to them. I should know something be the end of next week. Ill keep you posted
  15. maryjannne

    maryjannne Registered

    when you pay with a credit card you have to give your name exactly as it is on the credit card, at least thats been my experience
  16. maryjannne

    maryjannne Registered

    There must be thousands and thousands of people who order and get seeds, they cant possibly run around arresting them all can they? Although if you already have heat, then... if the transaction was noticed or discovered.... probable cause... I also wonder... some people put up really nice grow pics, cant the cops trace you through your ip number? But just like the seeds, is numerous sites of this genre out there I dont know where they would start.scary
  17. MrGreenFingaz

    MrGreenFingaz Registered+


    too bad gypsy got rid of all the good nirvana strains.. :(

    OH YEA- HAS ANYONE EVER TRIED WWW.WEEDCITY.COM FOR SEED???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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  18. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Awesome, those look good. I hope when I order my seeds they come :).
  19. Weed4Life

    Weed4Life Registered+

    JDzzI03, so I can setup an account on either Gypse or Dr. Chronic with my friends info, print out order form and mail them M.O. and have it shipped to my friends house right? I am not going to order till I hear from you guys. I cant have them come to my house since I have 5 plants growing right now.
    I just hate growing in my closet because I cant exhaust the air out plus I need to make a hood for my 150 hps.
  20. maryjannne

    maryjannne Registered

    anyone every heard of NYOB? its a canadian seed ordering place, apparently going out of business, 45% offf all seeds it kinda sounds too good to be true, although I think its one of those charity type sites so who knows.

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