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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by greenmonster, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. greenmonster

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    hey all,
    took a sample off a plant the other day and when i tried it i found underdeveloped seeds in the buds. now i have been vigilant and checked my plants most days for male flowers and ive seen none! so how come i have seeds. all the males died after 1 week of 12-12 and the seeds r from seedbank too.
    this has really pissed me off and made me completely disillusioned with my plants: i dont want buds with seeds in them. im very close to burning the lot at moment as they r crap now.
    so does anyone know of any other ways a plant can get pollinated?? i know its a stupid question but i know what a male flower looks like and i know what a female flower looks like and i havent seen a single male flower on my girls!
    one very depressed grower here......... lights going on ebay tomorrow....
  2. friendowl

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    greenmonster they will still be good enough to get you threw till your next batch.they went hermie on you.i feel your pain homeboy cuz my last batch gave me a ziploc baggie wotrh of seeds.fucking sucked.this time however i got some purple sticky lemon smelling weed without a seed.dont sell your lights.just start over.or maybe you arnt meant to grow your a customer.
  3. mand

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    Hello Greenmonster :)

    Hmmm I know that feeling :( . Not the last grow but the one before I had a few seeds and I am absolutely positive there was not one male flower in the whole grow. I actually posted on a thread with my "chicken and egg" theory, that a chicken lays eggs without fertilisation so I reckon plants can develop seeds without pollination .............................. the only problem was that people kinda laughed at me :eek:

    Anyway I still stick by that theory because I know there was no possible way my girls could have been pollinated ;)

    love mand xxx:)
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  4. greenmonster

    greenmonster Registered+

    cheers owl for the kind words..... but im sick of being a customer, really thought i had avoided hermies and the plants were looking so nice and fat/sticky/stinking and now ive utterly lost interest in them: magic!

    i believe u mand, i havent seen a single one, anywhere!
    man this is so annoying, what a waste of 3 months and lots of money. i have been looking forward to smoking my homegrown for so long and grrrrrrrrrrr im so fucking mad at this moment.

    wheres my axe??..
  5. britewire

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    It's the plants emergency survive mechanism. When in a batch of cannabis plant is no germination the plant can produce it's own seeds. Those seeds WILL be feminine though.
  6. greenmonster

    greenmonster Registered+

    ok brite, so how do u avoid that happening then?
  7. britewire

    britewire Registered+

    You don't...

    I'm talking about 1 or 2 seeds in a plants bud, but not any more than that
  8. greenmonster

    greenmonster Registered+

    so in theory i could just have a couple of seeds in each bud? i could handle that.
    also as i havent seen any pollen sacks, if i did miss a couple it would only be a couple so could a couple of pollen sacks pollanate all the buds on all 5 plants. i will post pic of my plants in sec, they r 7 weeks flowering today. 1 is almost ready and the others have 2 weeks left ( i reckon).
    cheers 4 the help
  9. greenmonster

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    here r my he-shes:
    the pics were taken yesterday apart from the close up -taken 5 days ago. The close up is of the plant i took a sample from: it was a couple of lower branches i took for my sample.

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  10. smoknjoe

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    Are the buds from hermies any less potent?
  11. florida boy 3

    florida boy 3 Registered+

    don't give up monster, we need growers.
  12. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    Beautifull plant GM they look like 20g plus colas to me. If anyone needs a good home for seeds let me know.

    One love
  13. The Grim Reefer

    The Grim Reefer Registered+

    Yeah, no kidding. I'd take a few seeds from those beauties.
  14. friendowl

    friendowl Registered+

    well i outta
    man you a fool
    those buds hermie or not look good.
    just dry and cure properly and
    they will be even better
  15. BukDatAss

    BukDatAss Registered+

    Yeah they still look good. Man dont be so hard on ur self I went thru the same crap. Its all good just getem with the next grow. By the time ur dont smokin ur stuff ur next batch should be done
  16. greenmonster

    greenmonster Registered+

    cheers guys, i guess i over-reacted a bit but it just felt -at the time- like id failed and i hate to lose!!! i smoked some in a pipe the other night when it was still a bit wet and it was a nice high and tasted very nice.
    karmaxul: yeah dude i do have big colas on my bitches. one is 20 inches long and 3 inches wide at some points!
    buk: cheers man, i remember reading about u having the same thing happen to you, well similar u saw the pollen on urs!
    so the seeds i get will they be ok? or are they going to be crap as they r not cross pollinated (not too hot on genetics)?? all seeds make hermies?? or am i talking rubbish?? if i get a bunch of female bbxnl seeds i will be happy, as long as they work!
    cheers for stopping me doing something stupid guys, i was real close to 'going postal' at them last night...... chilllllllll.
  17. scooterjay

    scooterjay Registered+

    if ya gonna chop 'em down, send them to me! i'll take the seedy buds (hermie=female seeds) and dispose of them for you!
  18. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    hermie = hermie
    Stress seeds = female seeds

    One love
  19. AcousticStoner420

    AcousticStoner420 Registered+

    I second that... :thumbsup:

  20. SOF

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