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Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand' started by Hippy Birdman, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Hippy Birdman

    Hippy Birdman Registered

    Hey, I'm new here so first: Hello!

    Some companies I've spoken to say they will ship seeds to NZ with success but others say it is a risk. Has anyone tried this and is it a legal risk?

    Secondly does anyone know where to get seeds in the Wellington area, or get them shipped within NZ?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. mickrick

    mickrick Registered+

    just done a quick search bro couldn't find any in N Z. try sea of seeds dot com they ship world wide..
  3. Hippy Birdman

    Hippy Birdman Registered

    Hey, thanks for the reply. My search for nz dealers came up negative too.

    There are a few that ship to NZ but I'm wondering if others have done it and what the risk is? If customs checks it do they confiscate or prosecute?

  4. mickrick

    mickrick Registered+

    use a safe address some where ya not growing to be safe,we run the risk of loosing seeds if there illegal in ya the states they destroy them and send a letter telling you prosecution..
  5. Hippy Birdman

    Hippy Birdman Registered

    Not growing anywhere currently...seeds are sent with no name.

    SO are you saying they would just be destroyed at customs (in NZ) and then I would receive a letter saying "whatever was confiscated at border"?
  6. mickrick

    mickrick Registered+

    i cant speak for N Z but yeah more than likely..the chances of them being picked out are minimal imo..most seed banks do stealth postage in any case..
    always good idea not to use an address ya going to use for a grow,or rent a P O box..
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  7. black wizard

    black wizard Registered+

    i know im late to reply but..i was just reading one of my old nz norml magazines,and,yeah it does sound like that they will destroy the seeds then send you a warning letter,and worse customs turn up at your house and ask a few questions.
    The norml zine said "use a different name, and don't grow at the address you get them sent to".Of course i didnt do any of that apart from the slight change of address:confused: ...will let ya know the consequences.
    seems that post was in january id like to know how you got on Hippy Birdman

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