SEEDS in your weed = Some Male herb?

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by SuperTorch, Feb 10, 2007.

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    I don't mean this to be one of those DUUHHHH questions, But I know you have to get rid of the male plants and go with females for the most THC. So if your weed has a TON of seeds, What does that mean, that when they harvested they cut down females and males together and thats why we have the the males we never seperated from the females, or I'm I just somkeing male plant. I smoked some last night with a ton of seeds(I picked them out obviously) and it was good but deffenately couch lock and not the up lifting thought kind of weed I like, it was more serious then fun but it was powerful. I know males fuck up the whole thing but the seeds come from the males right? or are Seeds like eggs from the female? Sorry for being DUUUHHH but I'm a smoker not a grower.
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    reasearch - reasearch - reasearch
    No - beans are from male pollen getting to female flowers due to male plants either not getting pulled soon enough , or not at all .
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    seeds and bud come from females, u need a male to get seeds, if u have seeds in your bud it means it came from outdoors or an idiot grower, most seeded bud isnt as good as sesimillia(no seeds) the power it takes to grow seeds goes into more bud when males ar elimated, the effect of the bud u smoke has to do with the strain not wether or not it has seeds, if it didnt have seeds it would have been the same high but more powerful.
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    hey jack ,
    Not nesc. an idiot grower . lol . what if there's a hermie that goes unnoticed ?
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    Good info, the type I can understand. So the seeds came from a female that was fertilized because there were males around becuase there was Zero care givin during growing. I'd say it was grown out doors also and I guess seeds pretty much say 95% it was grown outdoors since any one overlooking the grow indoors would have got the males out of there, and if I see seeds I can know also that its very very likley it was grown out doors. It has some nice power 5 hits and I'm lit but its the type of high that isn't my favorite and I'd trade in a second for something more upper, I don't think it was my mood. Its a thick stone low active, dizzy when you stand up smoke. So I guess its more indica than sativa. So anytime I see Seeds in the mix I should know its not going to be the upper 10% of smoke, it may be good but the fact that seeds are there are a major sign of the effort(or lack thereof) put into growing it.
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    Good man Torch ,
    Lesson 1 has already been learned young grasshopper .
    Indica / Sativa . Your statement about seeds in smoke meaning it's not in top 10% doesn't always hold true though . There's seeds in this -n- i'm no hack .
    your cuz
    crispi :S5:

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    ^ WHOA, thats a serious bud, OK So then Seeds are just seeds and the less the better but you never know till you smoke the strain how good it can be. What you posted there looks like KB with seeds allthough I don't really see any, but i get what your saying.
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    somebody needs a biology lesson
  9. stinkyattic

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    I'm glad that you waited until the biology lesson was already given further up in the thread to flame the dude... seriously... good for you....????:wtf: I think supertorch asked the question well!

    Oh and the seeds being like eggs thing... well sorta... an unfertilized egg is half of an embryo, the other half being the sperm, or in the case of plants, the male pollen... the seed is like a fertilized chicken egg in that it DOES contain all the shit necessary to grow a complete organism. A chicken egg that has been fertilized, and a cannabis seed both contain embryos. And unfertilized cannabis seed does not exist since the seed only grows once the fertilization has taken place.. does that make sense?
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    Like I just said in another thread, Stinky is ridiculously intelligent. From what I know, the main reason that seeds in your weed are undesirable is simply that you're paying for that added weight ... but, more than once, I've bought seedy weed on purpose, because I wanted the seeds but I didn't want to order them. That, and hey ... they come with weed. As for the couchlock, people are gonna tell you that's because it was indica ... I beg to differ, and I'd wager that it, as well as the seeds, were because it was an outdoor (likely) grow that wasn't very well monitored. The males weren't pulled at all, or were pulled very late, and the harvest was a lot later than the optimal amber-trichome time.

    That's just my guess.
  11. stinkyattic

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    MWahahaha I am BRAIN!!!! hee hee yer makin me blush actually

    I completely agree with this. And because picking seeds out is a pain in the ass. Believe me, I've been smoking what's left of my last crop, and the last bits left are of course the seeded buds.... I finally broke down and bought a cheap grinder because it's such a pain deseeding it.

    Me too. I just picked up a half o of hashplant because I heard that the local stuff going around had some seeds in it. It's strong as fuck but hasn't cured at all yet... smoke report in, oh, a MONTH grrrrr!

    The ratios in indicas are already naturally towards couchlock, and you're going to see a similar effect harvesting late even in a more 'up' strain.
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    Yes,certainly it makes good sense and defines the course of seed development. My last grow was accidentally fertilized by a male I didn't catch soon enough.
    The reason I looked up the answer to find more information whether female plant seeds grow anyway. Or if the short duration the male appearance had altered the females. I knew about watching for males, but I never had experience with a sativa before. So I think I was more mesmerized by it, but she went he really fast. ( seems this is happening a lot in other populations, these days). Yuck yuck.
    The seeds are good seed? Its just a crap shoot on weather they are male or female? Presently, at harvest the pistles went very dark until the trichomes became cloudy and or brown toned. I took clones before the female was pollinated and the now drying not showing any seeds.
    I'm aware there are a few grow topics in this reply. So if anyone wants to approach this in that way, many others can benefit. Peace out boys and girls love you all and let's move upwards not downwards. Yippee
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    I hope I can get to the point here. I posted a reply to a thread about seeds in weed. I curiosity is getting the best of me, AGAIN YES AGAIN. Being in the 60's baby. We had nothing but sticks and seeds. It looked like everyone were enjoying their weed. Would this be seen as dank weed now?

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