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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Wesley Lang, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Wesley Lang

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    I am new to the growing scene. However, it seems that there are a number of popular strains sold in the dispensaries identified by name so that customers can readily identify their favorite product. I was told that once a grower develops a popular strain, they then mass produce that strain via cloning. Based on this, it's my impression that most growers these days produce most of their product by cloning. My question is, other than for the purpose of crossing breeds to develop new strains, is there any advantage to growing from seed. It seems that, except for a few boutique organic growers, few people grow from seeds anymore. Am I correct in this?
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    A lot of growers only use seed to guarantee a particular strain. Some say its best from seed as the seed vs clone will have a "tap" root, or main vertical root. I do know when going with seed you can add more time for starting and veg...
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  3. Wesley Lang

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  4. Weezard

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    Not for nothin' but the first thing I do with clones is put one aside and stress the hell out of her.
    If I can force male flowering, I use that feminized pollen to breed seeds with the females.
    A single branch that might give me an 1/8th oz. can yield 50 seeds.
    Think about the price of an 1/8th compared to the price of 50 seeds.
    No brainer, yah?

    Not to mention you may come up with a better pheno than the original. I know I did! :)

    Carry on,
    Wee 'zard
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    In my very limited experience with outdoor guerilla gardening, I've found my plants from seed will always outperform the cloned plants. Probably because of the tap root, like raymont mentioned. The tap root goes deep faster, giving the plant a better chance with any competition.
    Many of my friends in Maine grow their outdoor from seed, even in dedicated containers. They say the seed yields better, more vigorous plants. Exceptional plants are preserved for the indoor season and used to make seed for the next outdoor. :dancing:
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    Seed is a little slower to start but has greater vitality, usually. But many growers find the one pheno that's the keeper, so they keep it as a mother and grow the clones. Most seed do not put out offspring as stable as a clones.
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  7. A Gilmore

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    Its , horses for coarses, if your in , a clone woks fine, but taking a clone from in to out, doesnt always preform
    IMO clone in, seed out

  8. Weezard

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    With F1 seeds you can have at least 8 different phenos.
    I plant 8 seeds, label them A-thru-H and grow them large enough to take cuttings.
    Then they go outside to flower while still fairly small.
    After harvest the "bio-assay" begins.
    Some phenos suck, some are exceptional.
    The cuttings from the winners become mother plants.
    Her cuttings are a constant supply of know, good, meds. :)

    If I can annoy one enough to go boy on me, that pollen gets back crossed for new seeds from the exceptional kine.
    Waste not, want not.

    It does not always turn out well, but when it does . . . :D

    Wee 'zard
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    I see no scientific logic here.
    Seed doesn't guarantee identical children. The majority are likely similar, but because genetics are coming from two parents, things like recessive genes can sport interesting results. Even in nature, centuries of pollination in similar plants can lead to a unique new plant.
    However, a clone truly has identical genes as the mother plant... as it is part of the mother plant that is growing. You could say this guarantees an identical result, if grown healthily.

    I have friend growers who have shown me their seed babies and their clone babies... and I can't tell a difference in the end growth 90+ days later, as they have the experience to provide optimum conditions.

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