Seeds pop, not grow

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by WashougalWonder, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Hey, in 40 years of growing I have never seen or had this problem. I ordered a batch of seeds from someplace in the Netherlands. The package came from Bulgaria. I notified the company of this and they are sending a new batch. So no issue with them.

    Starting the new seeds like I always do in a wet paper towel. All the seeds popped. Not one grew, even after up to 3 weeks in that state. Never dried out, this is what I always do. It was 20 seeds, and looking for a male, so I did 3 different groups, different times.

    I am questioning if some kind of radiation could have caused this? I really find it hard to believe that 20 seeds would not start. Sure, we have failures, but this is quite different.

    My goal here is to get a male to fertilize an original white widow that got powdery mildew. Will do different thread on that...

    Appreciate hearing your thoughts.
  2. WashougalWonder

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    This is just amazing. 20 seeds two are just beginning to grow roots and one is discolored and growing really bizarre.
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    I had a run like that... everything died except for 3 exceptionally strong plants. It was very frustrating and it had me questioning all of my methods. I only learned months later that the pH of my starter soil was all wrong and it was way too hot. I burned up my plants by assuming that all was ok and that those seeds could handle the soils that had worked to start other plants. I learned to be much more gentle, and I had to learn a bit better a method to germinate the seeds, and start off underground with a big long inch and a half tail. No longer am I satisfied and ready to get it under soil after seeing a little half incher.

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