Seeds pop, not grow

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by WashougalWonder, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. WashougalWonder

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    Hey, in 40 years of growing I have never seen or had this problem. I ordered a batch of seeds from someplace in the Netherlands. The package came from Bulgaria. I notified the company of this and they are sending a new batch. So no issue with them.

    Starting the new seeds like I always do in a wet paper towel. All the seeds popped. Not one grew, even after up to 3 weeks in that state. Never dried out, this is what I always do. It was 20 seeds, and looking for a male, so I did 3 different groups, different times.

    I am questioning if some kind of radiation could have caused this? I really find it hard to believe that 20 seeds would not start. Sure, we have failures, but this is quite different.

    My goal here is to get a male to fertilize an original white widow that got powdery mildew. Will do different thread on that...

    Appreciate hearing your thoughts.
  2. WashougalWonder

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    This is just amazing. 20 seeds two are just beginning to grow roots and one is discolored and growing really bizarre.
  3. emilya

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    I had a run like that... everything died except for 3 exceptionally strong plants. It was very frustrating and it had me questioning all of my methods. I only learned months later that the pH of my starter soil was all wrong and it was way too hot. I burned up my plants by assuming that all was ok and that those seeds could handle the soils that had worked to start other plants. I learned to be much more gentle, and I had to learn a bit better a method to germinate the seeds, and start off underground with a big long inch and a half tail. No longer am I satisfied and ready to get it under soil after seeing a little half incher.
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  4. onjig

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    They could have been exposed to hi heat ~ never had trouble with ~ no grow ~ old or fresh ~ but ~ a while back ~ I tried some seed I've had a few years ~ and Not a one sprouted ~ I was shocked ```

    Good luck with the next try ```

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  5. Weezard

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    Similar story.
    Put 9 Kush seeds in fox farm.
    They sprouted normally, then stalled.
    Leaves turned yellow and they got about 3" tall and dropped the bottom leaves.
    6 weeks later they are still about 3.5" and look sickly.
    Finally threw in the towel and planted 9 more.
    But, I put them in coco with plain water.
    Same batch of seeds.

    The new attempt sprouted at the same speed, but they are all healthy and growing well.
    In 10 days they have outgrown the first batch and their color and morphology are normal.
    Looks like that Fox Farm was a bit too hot for them.

  6. WashougalWonder

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    Out of 20 I got one to sprout and it is one very sickly plant only 3" tall or so still
  7. Weezard

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    What was the ambient R. H. when you started them?

    Our's has been 80% for a month.
    Nothing sprouts unless I use rice to dry the seeds a little before planting.
    I'm guessing that the humidity is the culprit.
    Looks like the seed can't tell they've been planted.
    Going from 80% to 100 % is not a big enough change to trigger germination.

    If I dry the same seeds for a day, then get 'em wet, they all pop.
    Having the same problem with pepper and tomato seeds.

    Easy to test.
    Toast some rice in a low heat oven, let it cool toss it in a mason jar with your seeds.
    (I put my rice in a tea ball 'cause I'm lazy.)
    Give it at least 4 hours, more is better, then see if they will sprout.

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  8. onjig

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    Maybe ~ maybe over watering ``` Or poor seeds ```
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  9. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    That was so long ago I don't remember but probably at least 60% or higher.

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