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  1. sm0k3w33d

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    so about 2 weeks ago i decided i'd start keeping my seeds and stems so i could make hash? am i being an idiot or is this actually worth it? and how do u make hash? n if i can't what can i do with all these seeds and stems?
  2. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    seeds only if you are going to plant them and grow new plants to make hash with.'t even grow new plants with them....sorry.
  3. Celeste

    Celeste Registered+

    hahahaha!! omg, wh, you're too much!
  4. King Cannabis

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    Stems have such a negligable level of THC in them that tryin to make any decent amount of hash with them is crazy, and seeds are only good for planting
  5. Blitzed

    Blitzed Banned

    Ya just throw them out bro. No reason in really keeping them around.
  6. Nochowderforyou

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    You can shake the kif from the stems, but man, you need a ton of them, and the kif really isn't that great either.

    Last time I tried, I took about 14g's of stems (I'm guessing), shook the kif, and I barely got 2 pipe rips from it, so to make any sort of hash (pressed kif) you are looking at needing at least 150-200 g's of stems. :p That's a lot man.

    You get a little more out of it making oil with stems though. I made some last night from again, about 14g's of stems and shake, and got almost a gram vial out of it, and it is much more potent than just shaking the kif off. I used Iso and that ensures you get every last bit of THC.

    So yeah, you need a ton of stems for hash, and making the oil is only worth it if you got a lot.

    Seeds though, contain 0 THC. The only kind of THC on them would just be on the layer from being inside of the bud, but other than that, plant a seed and get a much better reward. ;)

    This thread reminds me of that Commander Cody song called "Down to Seeds and Stems Again" :p
  7. sm0k3w33d

    sm0k3w33d Registered+

    yeah i heard about that oil, i heard if u dip ur cigarettes in the oil its awesome but ok now i know ive been accomplishing nothing in the past 2 weeks =) lol o well now i know
  8. Storm Crow

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    Honey, plant the seeds and stick the stems in vodka! When I was a young hippie, we would soak the stems in vodka, then evaporate the vodka until it was down to the last sludgy bit, then pour the sludge on to our pot. It gave it more kick, but the flavor wasn't that great. Some folks just drank the vodka.

    Oh, and can you imagine what the US would look like if ALL the cannabis seeds were planted??? Plant those seeds! You will be adding the to O2 and getting rid of greenhouse gasses! You will be getting some free weed! (Or at the worst, getting some other kid high or feeding the wildlife.) Doesn't matter if they are hermie seeds or schwag, just plant them!

    - Granny:hippy:
  9. Mr. TBAGU 420

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    I have tried this with about 7 cigarettes. My friend had some hash oil cause his friend got 2 pounds of it for about $500 and he gave my friend some for free. It is amazing.. i think that hash taste hella good even with cigarettes. The hash was also made from some KB. It's nice man.
  10. LuckyG

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    Doesn't hash oil expire in a month or so? I seem to recall reading that somewhere. 2 pounds is a helluva lot of oil to be smoking, even if you're giving it away. Must be nice to have it though. :stoned:

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