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  1. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    how do you get your seeds?

    I get mine from good quality smoke.
  2. thejrodsn8

    thejrodsn8 Registered+

    research the boards lots of places deliver or if u find bud u like smoking take from that
  3. Pepper

    Pepper Registered+

    Get quality seeds from a professional breeder and you'll be light years ahead. Looking for quality seeds from a bag is like finding a champion dog at the animal shelter.

    It's ok to plant bagseed while you wait to revieve your seed order to get some practice.
  4. Sandragrew3crops

    Sandragrew3crops Registered

    Never had great results from bag seeds or any seeds. Medical clones were light years ahead of any seeds I've tried growing. There's something comforting about uniform growth and predictability you get from good genetics only clones can assure from day one.
  5. Pepper

    Pepper Registered+

    I'm on probation for Sales, MOM, Email begging/asking/offering - or Related.
    I had clones yesterday and I might have some more someday. Sorry I don't have any clones today.

    Here's a secret: clones come from seeds.
  6. RobPA

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    Hmm some of this info is a little inaccurate. There are a few articles around by cervantes (SP) about turning Mid-Quality "bag seed" into really good smoke if grown in the correct conditions and taken care of well. I dont have much experience with it but I hear its very accurate :jointsmile:
  7. Pepper

    Pepper Registered+

    Anything is better than nothing, I suppose.
  8. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    That's true. The line that I've been growing for a couple years now came from dank bagseeds, and I selected only the most vigorous plants to breed, and a few generations later I had some VERY nice specimens. If you treat your bagseeds well the flavor/aroma traits will come through better than in the smoke it came from.

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