Selling bud anyone???????

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by mike the stoner, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. mike the stoner

    mike the stoner Registered

    bcuse i have the money for it and i just jut want to get some weed ???? does any one have weed?
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  2. Weezard

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    Sure kid.
    You look like a trustworthy sort.
    Post your address and we'll all commit federal felonies just for you. :D

    (That is why it's a an offense to solicit the purchase or sale of any controlled substance on this site.)

    Wee 'zard
  3. richardandrews

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    If you are looking for medical marijuana in San Jose, feel free to approach Buddy’s Cannabis, which is a licensed dispensary where you can obtain an array of quality cannabis products at competitive prices.
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