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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by probmxer265, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. probmxer265

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    i was a little curious if your where a MMJ card Holder could you actually sale your weed by the pounds to Medical dispensaries and other co op providers legally
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  3. probmxer265

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    i don't wanna sell to other patients but to the dispensaries like the clubs in Hollywood i have a buddy that sells them 10 pounds a month which is the left over after what he consumes and his patient consumes after a harvest i was just wondering if it was legal i dont wanna get tied up into some sort of drug ring type deal im not like that its all personal use but if it is something legal to do for extra cash then why not.
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    legal dealing

    i'm pretty sure you can. The catch is that it needs to be really danky, because in my experience they're after nothing but the best. Also, depending on the county laws with how much dried bud you can carry, with most counties being 8 zips but some up to multiple pounds. But for sure, bring a sample with you and look into it with your local clubs, im about to be doing the same when i crop
  5. probmxer265

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    is there a web page that tells your the rules of prop 215 and sb420 for your county on how much dried you can carry on your and how much you can store at home????
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    Local Medical Marijuana Guidelines. you can also check out calnorml
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    Here's a directory to find dispensaries once you're ready

    Once you find out the ins and outs of selling, here's a directory to get your customer list and start calling - Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Doctors - best of luck.
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    Here's my take. If get picked up for distribution, even if its legal by the letter of the law, you better have the money for a lawyer. Do you have the money to put up a defense...I would lean to you winning if you had a good lawyer, but thats gonna cost you. I have a feeling that California will be eliminating those gray areas soon. A quacking duck gets shot first.

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