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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by MRB041, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. MRB041

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    Well times have been good for me lately and iv ended up with almost an ounce of bud for free. I told me friend this, who goes to wvu, i live in maryland, and we were joking around about me sending him so bud through the mail. i didnt really take it seriously but then i was thinkin about it, has anyone ever tried this? Like maybe send 1/4 or something, would dogs be able to smell it? Or would anyone find it, or is this just a bad idea?

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. slater

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    you can send w/o much worries...i have sent z's thru the mail...vacume seal them....or get creative and put in a jar of candy....state to state i wouldnt worry so much...just make sure you wrap it good enough so the average joe cant sniff it out by accident.
  3. spacelamb

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    I agree, you can do it safely with a little common sense. I've received it this way, several times and have had no problems.
  4. newbie1232

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    (Slightly off topic)

    Does anyone have any tips on getting mail (particularly large packages) before your rents find out? I live in an apartment, so it's pretty tough, I always want to have a backup plan in case they do find out. What are some (large) things that people usually order? It can't be too "weird", it has to be a common item, so they won't notice that I have/don't have it.

    (/Slightly off topic)
  5. Smokes

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    hey.. i live in MD too.. joints work the best through the mail...pack it in something tight like a bag or something.. and then stash it in the middle of candy or somethning... i would probobly think of using dryer sheets in with the mix
  6. jay42

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    wrap it well (a few bags) and put it in peanut butter or hair gel. Yeah the outside bag will be gross but throw that away and it should be fine.
  7. welshkillabee

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    Yeah as long u use your head
  8. realgood

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    I know a friend of mine recieved a nice package back in the boarding school days in maine from a girlfriend in california. Peanut butter. Peanut butter. Peanut butter. And your good :)
  9. aparadis

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    Yeah, I want to get some stuff in the mail. How much do you think would be safe to get at once? A half? A zone?
  10. scream

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    ya, have it in peanut butter and if your parents ask just tell them it was some friends joking around
  11. bonitagreen

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    Last time i sent bud thru the mail, i wrapped it tight in plastic and put it in shampoo bottles, shipped it out that way with no problems!!!
  12. MangaMan

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    If you get real paranoid you can always stick it in with some coffee grinds. That's the best supplement to cover the smell from dogs and shit.
  13. Brey

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    someone i knew used to move around england alot. wen he was home, he would buy himself a few bags, and then send them to the places he would be in in the following weeks. worked like a charm.

    but wat abt internationally? im guessing this wont really work?
  14. growitandsmokeit

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    If you are planning on doing this a bit get your self a vacuum sealer and double bag it cuts off the smell completely then maybee put it in a video tape or something.

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