Sensiseed quality (amsterdam ) worthless 8 yrs ago (NL5xcalifornia haze $380.00 10 pack) &worse now

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    In 2008 I and half dozen friends pooled money a got aver a dozen strains delivered to us from Amsterdam by a friend and tourist. All agreed that seeds were poor quality maybe f3's or worse! So fastforward past Gs13 (god I miss it)from a friend that got us by till last year.Then we used Oasis as shipper (excellent service stealth delivery etc..) but only people they had with Jack herer and White widow(both strains I have had and know their quality)were Sensiseed origin -their packaging and everything- So I foolishly bought them and silver haze . Guess there's no fool like an old fool. The Jack herer looked great but the final product sucked. Upon inspection plants did not build adequate root structure-nor did the White widow-and the silver haze didn't even germinate. How do you complain to Sensideed unless you go to Amsterdam! It's not Oasis fault. So anybody obtained potent strain that can be sent to usa love to hear from ya. I've been smoking weed since 1968 and growing for last 25 years and I know good weed and Sensideed is selling f4s or worse.
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    There are alternatives to buying seeds from one of the most expensive seed banks in the world. There are worse priced seed banks, but Sensi Seeds is still way over priced. Many seed banks will invent a really good strain, and use that to justify selling the seeds at an astronomical price. Also, a lot of breeders in America will say that your better off buying regular photo period seeds and then culling the male plants. Stronger genetics when you don't mess with nature.

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