Sentimental smoking utensils!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Chronisseur, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Chronisseur

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    This thread is for stories and pics of your most sentimental smoking utensil. We've all been attached to a piece for one reason or another. Whats your story? Hopefully we can refrain from posts like: "I love my 3"bong cuz it's sweet":D
    I'll post again in a minute!
  2. iNHALE.xHALE.

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    once a long time a special little place...

    i had my first love..she was a little wooden pipe with these little pot leafs cut into the sides. it was perfect --the dark wood..smooth sides...i always took extra care of it..polished it with a little kleenex wipe :)..then came that fateful day..a day thatll forever be scarred in my heart. it was raining outside and my mom was drivin my towards my aunts house..i guess the minute i stepped out of the car it had fallen out of my pocket--never to be found again:mad:

    so i guess thats my story..i miss that pipe, me and her used to go burn everywhere..some of my old friends had even scratched their names into the handle making the loss of it even more frustrating...
  3. The Dude Of Life

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    Lost the pipe that i got in mexico... when i got too drunk and fell down i guess it fell outta my pocket.
    RIP mexico.
    And my bong, named bong, that my mother threw away a few months ago when i was still living there... RIP.
    And my friend broke my other bong yesterday night, so thats another one to chalk up as a loss. It wasnt that sentimental, it was a really nice bong but its all good cuz hes about to get me a new one anyway.

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  4. CharlesWysockis

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    i used to have a really cool chillum, which i only had for about three weeks that i let a friend borrow and he left it in his glove box and didnt lock his car and it got stolen :(
  5. CannabisUser01

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    my most sentimental piece also happens to be my first piece. i never felt the need to get one till about 2 months ago and wow what a nice investment. i picked it up for $45 at my local headshop. lately i've been contemplating getting a chillum. funny i tried out the boil method of extracting resin i found on these forums and sadly it didn't work the first time for me either :( but hey next time i'll be able to do it right. youre gonna have to click here to see a picture of my pipe. don't worry its just a link to another post at this site
  6. OLDE ENGLISH '800

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    it was my first ever peice a good friend who is like a brother took me to get it for my birthday and i picked it out it was the one he was the best bowl ever very unique i had it for like 2 years and a friend brought some drunk fucker to my house i passed him the bowl (we were standing over my outside patio table) i hand it to him lip peice first he goes to grab it he had a tight grip on it so i let it go and then it slips out his hand and it like all slow motion i see it flip over and over i was kinda worryed but i thought it would make it through it was a fighter and it hit the corner on the table right in the bowl and it broke i just stood there for a minute in shock picked the shatered peices and a single tear came out of my eye.but i moved on now and had some amazing peices but there will always be a empty spot in my heart for my first pipe.
  7. CannabisCrooz

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    I'd say my first ever pipe. A nice 5 inch dark blue glass baby. Just a really sturty pipe, I picked up in Chinatown, everyday after school I'd go over to my friends house and we smoked outta that. The memories of freshmen year :stoned:. I was always supposed to grab him one the next time I was in chinatown, I never ended up going back.
    End of the school year hes moving, so as a farewell present I gave him the pipe. I haven't seen him since but he says he still has it and its still puffing like a champ.

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