Separating Males and Females

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by VermontVeggies, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. VermontVeggies

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    I have a small outdoor grow going right now (3 plants.) I was wondering how far I need to put the males away from the females so they don't turn the females into males. I know i can just get rid of the males, but I would like to keep them. How far (in feet) should I separate the two, so that when the males sacks pop, it won't turn the females into males?

  2. moody420

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    my opinion.....get rid of the males! Especially outside in the elements where wind travel happens alot. It's been reported that a male can pollenate a female plant from up 2 miles away! It's just not worth the risk! If you have a huge property and can keep them more than 2 miles away, you might be ok. But I wouldn't chance it! Why do you want to keep the males anyway?
  3. VermontVeggies

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    I only got 3 plants. The males can be used for hash.... I wanta get as much smokables as possible, hash or ganj.
  4. moneyshot

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    I was unaware that males produced any THC, I thought it was all in the female buds/dropped onto the fan leaves. I came to this forum to ask the same question though, as I have just discovered three females and one male (what a fucking stud, right?) among my four outdoor plants, and I'm trying to decide what I wanna do with it. I'm a really sentimental guy and I've watched these babies grow from seeds, and I just can't bear to kill the male. He's also the heartiest, most beautiful, and my favorite of all my plants. I put him in the woods (the pollen sacs haven't opened yet) while I'm trying to decide what to do with him, but should I just bite the bullet and kill him?
  5. LetsSeeYa

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    Kill it, it wants to die for the sake of your girls:chainsaw:. Males always grow bigger and faster to get ready to pollinate your girls with seeds.

    Kill it:Rasta:
  6. moneyshot

    moneyshot Registered

    Hahaha that's what I was expecting. Oh well, guess there's no way around it. Sorry big guy :(
  7. moneyshot

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    I'm going to go ahead and ask another question while I'm in here. I have two plants that are definitely female (they have pretty little white hairs coming out of the nodes, no sign of balls), but I didn't start flowering them! I grew them outside, planning to move them indoors with lights for the flowering and budding since I can more easily control their environment/pests wouldn't be an issue. However, I'm fearful of moving them indoors since they've already taken to preflowering. My question is really...what do I do with them? Do I leave them outside and just let them do their thing? Do I move them inside? Is heat stress an issue (I live in NC and it's quite common for the temperature to reach 100 degrees) for the girls? I feel stressed out because I think I'm at a crucial stage of taking action, but I don't know where to go from here. Maybe I'm thinking about it too's a fucking plant. I don't know, some advice about what to do with these about-to-flower females would be greatly appreciated.
  8. ThaFooT

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    cover em

    maybe u could cover the males with a clear plastic of some kind. and cover the females too? u could even get all wierd about it and shake the males more than mother nature would ever into plastic garbage bags ever so often after the sacs open up or w/e. im brainstormin with ya :wtf:
  9. moody420

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    kill the males! They will ruin your girls and your harvest! Not worth it...pull them now!
  10. StickyBuds1987

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    lol yeah im with everyone else kill tha males your not gonna get any hash from them if ya do it will prob be mixed with pollen lol and your girls will end up being seeded which in tha end means your weed will be less potent

    also what kind of lights do you have that you plan on using to flower them with if its not some good flowering lights i would just leave them outside
  11. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    Well you cant imitate the sun bro. And its been in the 90's for 5 days here, so damn hot. My plants are thriving. If you leave them out your harvest will be double then under any light. Just let nature do its thing and at harvest you will be smiling. Maybe do a winter indoor grow like i do, ya gotta take advantage of the sun. Just make sure ya water every 3-5 days and they will be fine. And do not cover your plants as they will wilt up and die. Kill the male, grow more girls:thumbsup:

  12. MDFinest

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    yea dont go from outdoors to indoors.. nothing can recreate the sun..
  13. disoBAYish

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    The only time you should ever keep a male is if you want to produce seeds. If that is the case, just keep 1 male and 1 female and get the other females as far away as possible.

    I would destroy him, no matter how painful it is.

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