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Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by Baffled and confused, Aug 27, 2006.

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    I've been growing for a while. Minor sucksess. The problem I believe is Not controling the rooms temp & Humidity. Grow room is approx. 10'x 12' x 8'
    Using 1000 w Super HPS Fill and Drain. Summer time seems to be the toughest. The room temp could rise as 100. A fan running didn't keep it cool enough. Went to sears bought a small room conditioner, installed it in the wall between the garage and the room. Now keep in mind, that the garage temp was at times 112. Living in the deaert really sucks. My thinking was that if I could keep the room temp around 75 to 80 things would be ok. My humidity has been running in the low to mid 20's. I'm in 12/12 cycle now. I need help with keeping the room cool enough and raise the humidity. This is based on some of the information that I have read on the boards. I don't want the cheapest nor the highest priced. In time I will make a good investment in the room because I can see......I just want a quick solution to get my one and only bitch thru to harvest. What about these room humidifiers? Do they work?
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    Hey baffled, i'm not heard of the fill and drain that you mention, i really sympathise with you growing in the desert, it's gonna be really hard to keep temps down. There's only a couple of things i can suggest, run your lights at night when temps are lower and try getting a cool tube for your light. If you can keep the light cool you'll stop a build up of heat in the grow room. I've never had any probs with low humidity, i'm usually tryna lower it lol I'd just put more water in the grow room, i'm assuming you've got space to put down some bowls of water. You could also try spraying the room with water just after lights out. Good luck
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    Buddy if your in 12-12 you want lower humidity. High humidity in flower can pramote pest and mold on the bud. Low humidity is better than humidity that is too high. What are your temps at now? Do you have any inline fans that could be used to suck the hot air out of that room? Do you have a garden stor around that sells hoods and lights? I would look for a air vented hood or go with the cool tube to get some heat out of there that may be coming from that light.
    Well good luck
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    I dont know about the desert but I offen thorough about useing a walk in freezer like they have in fast food places.They have them about 8' wide and 12' long by 8' high the walls are alunm and 6 or 8 inches thick.You can pick up used one for very little money.Fine a supplyer or a installer for walk ins.
    we put one in a pizzas carry out.The walls lock together with a screw driver.
    put a 5 ton air conditioner and away you go.You can control the room to a tee then.It's just a wild idea of mine. To have a 8' by 10' walk-in in my garage
    One controled room.
  5. Garden Knowm

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    Hi Baffled...

    I am not sure I am following you.. but...

    I will tell you this.. If you can get the temperature below 85 degrees, you should be fine.. The humidity will not be an issue.. First and formost you neeed to get the temperature under control..

    It sounds like you have the temp down to 85.. correct?
    And how is your plant doing now?


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