Seven days to pass a urine test. Aspirin?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by BoobsMcGee, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Hey there, so I'm a 22 year old fit (5'8, 135 lbs) female with a pretty fast metabolism (I eat like shit all the time, never gain a pound). I had a job interview Thursday morning and found out I need to pass a piss test next Wednesday at 8:00 am-ish. The last time I smoked was the Wednesday night before the interview. I'm a regular smoker, 1-2 times a day.

    I've been taking an assload of fiber pills every day hoping that'll help, and I plan on waking up super early for the test and drinking a shit ton of Gatorade and water (basically following the How-to Dilution thread), taking B vitamins and aspirin. I'm also gonna eat a crapload of red meat starting Sunday or Monday and take an at home test Tuesday after a practice dilution.

    So I'm asking if I have a chance in hell to pass this test when I'll only have been clean for about seven days? Is there anything I'm missing or anything I can do better? Possibly any females out there who've had a similar experience? Also, what is it about aspirin that's supposed to help you pass the test? I'm getting nervous and wondering if I should buy some synthetic urine but I dont know if I'll be able to hide it since I need to have a physical as well, not to mention I dont want to deal with getting the temp right and I wonder if labs can tell if it's synthetic.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! This is bullshit being tested for pot, especially since this job offer isn't exactly something impressive.
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    Skip the aspirin

    Aspirin is old tech. Back in the day, it was used as an interferant for only one type of test: the first-generation EMIT screen. Since then, a second-gen EMIT (EMIT II) was introduced to tackle the interference issues caused by aspirin. As a result, the first-gen EMIT is seldom used anymore (if,at all).
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    Just an update. I did exactly what I said, followed the dilution method, took an assload of vitamins. Passed! Been working my shitty job for four days now.

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