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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by blakout, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. blakout

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    hey guys this is my first attempt at growing so please excuse my nubness. I was wondering can you guys tell if its a male or female yet. Maybe its too early but I'm also having a problem where my stipules are dying off the main stem with this plant. What would cause this problem? In the third pic is a picture of my female plant in preflower but the tip of one of the hairs is turning brown. Can you guys tell me the cause of this problem also or is it normal? its so early in preflower so i was wondering. Thanks for the help

    VC DSC00908.jpg


  2. illnillinois

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    1. guessing male/ after more looking maybe a female
    2 MALE
    3 FEMALE

    all is IMO!!
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  3. Dyranty

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    I'm waiting for mine to sex, i keep questioning the new growth as sex.... then a day so later leaves start to develop more. *uck me dude.......... lol

    3rd def female.
  4. stinkyattic

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    1- prob male
    2- can't tell
    3- def female

    hairs turn brown prematurely in too hot or too dry conditions.
  5. blakout

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    I guess I'll wait another week to make sure it's a male for sure then chop it down to get it away from my female one. Thanks for the help

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