Sexing Method; Fact or Fiction?

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    This post is in regards to a post I found a while back that I cannot find anymore. I believe it was about sexing from unknown seeds and not clones.

    The post indicated that "sex" could be determined well befor pre-flowers. It was said that a "male" will not produce any purple in the stem system, or any sort of purple veins. It was also said that a "female" will always produce purple in the vein system. The purple may appear in the whole plant, just the stem, just the the leaf shoots, or a combination but there should be purple. So far, from what I have seen, this myth may be real. I also understand that "purple" in the veins can mean problems but I have yet seen a purple problem occur.

    Remember:From seed, not clone.

    Does anyone have any physical proof of a female without any purple at all?
    Does anyone have proof of a male with puple veins, that did not hermaphrodite and was never female?

    I am in the process of trying to figure this out but I wanted to se what everyone else has to say or offer.

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    Aloha,never heard that before but sure would be stoked if thats the case.Four out of six of the ones I have going now have purps on the stems.I assume this is what your talking about.Waiting for these to show signs now, I read about placing a bag over one branch for 12-12 to see the sex.Think i'll try that and see if what you have read has any merit.

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    I think I may have been the one to post the original.

    I still believe that when first coming out of the soil, the red stems are going to be female. Later they will just get green but as the plant gets a little older just the leaf stems will get a dusting of red on the upper surface of the stem. To the best of my feeble recollection I have never had a male that had the red discoloration.

    This is not an every time thing, just mostly. Currently I found one that looked male on sprouting. It is a female. It does not have any red at all in the leaf stems. So, my theory is not perfect just something that is more common in females.

    Yes the purple can also mean deficiency.....but not at the itty bitty first stage of life when it is living off the cotlydon (sp?).

    I am not fool enough to stick my neck out and say that this is perfect, just a theory and observations of growing over 30 years.
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    I was hoping to find the original owner of this theory. Thank you for your theory by the way. So far, your theory has been correct. I also noticed a brite green female once that did not show any purp except for where the stem of the leaf actually met the leaf.

    I have still yet to see a purp male, unless it hermied some how!?!?

    I will stick by your theory until proof it is wrong, it has been 100% correct thus far.
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  5. jon420

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    Was there any purp anywhere within the whole stem system??? Or was is completely green without any purp at all???

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  6. WashougalWonder

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    So far, it has shown no red. It goes to flower room in next week or so.

    I might add to this that hermies will get the red/purp too.

    Well it is nice to know that others notice the same things as my theory. Appreciate the feedback
  7. jon420

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    I have seen plenty of purple hermies in my day but I have yet to see a totaly all green (no purp at all anywhere) female. Until I see a fully mature female without any purp, I will continue to stick by and study your theory.

    RAINHAZE Banned

    I just planted 2 females and I they both have the purple stems.:thumbsup:

    BTW, for those that dont know...

    I allways buy feminized seeds & I used to wonder how they knew before
    hand if they were females.
    It seems that female seeds have a perfectly round volcano type scar from when they came off the stems.
    Males seeds on the other hand have an irregular distorted scar.
    I put this to the test and found it
    to be 100% accurate, so far.
  9. Dutch Pimp

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    I need to test go around...:thumbsup:

    RAINHAZE Banned

    Identifying Female Cannabis Seeds.jpg

    ..saves time wondering if ya got males or females.;)
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    Im glad this thread is so alive. I think these studies are very important to the growing world and especially the growers that don't want to buy seeds from a website. I am deffinately going to study and document this seed theory. Knowing the sex befor germination would be a huge breakthrough.:thumbsup:
  12. WashougalWonder

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    I believe the seed theory is also correct. I bred some feminized (Fem to stressed fem) seeds and they all have the round features on the seeds. This also holds true for hermaphrodites from what I have seen so far.

    The original post, not sure where I saw it, but I have been watching this. I recently sprouted 2 regular seeds, one had the round and the other had an oval at the end. Not sure which ended up which, but I got one female and one male out of the deal. Sorry I lost track of which was which, this is the one that has not shown any red.

    I also believe that to say this will always be true is a fallicy. It is a generality that I have noticed and have tried to apply as a theory. Just another little tool to put in the gardeners grow tool box. I do not think I would, as a business, rely on the appearance of the seed to say it is female. You have to know the genetics to be positive.

    Yes, this is a fun thread, quite lively and interesting.
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    Hmmm, I have seen that seed chart somewhere else awhile back. I once sprouted 15 seeds and all 15 turned out to be males...wished I had seen this before I wasted all that time n money. I am mostly cloning lately (because of that fiasco), but next time I crack some beans, I am going to examine this very carefully and see how accurate this method is. I'm sure I won't be the only one either! 100% accurate? Let's just say I'm skeptical, but anything close to 100% accuracy would be very nice indeed! It would be very nice to be able to identify a female seed every time. Thanks for posting that Rainhaze!

    RAINHAZE Banned

    Your very welcome TANKJR, but actually I cant take all the credit, I got it from someone here, MimbresValley I think who posted;

    To get it I just downloaded UTORRENT, and then went to the link and downloaded it from Pirates Bay. After the torrent finished it went to;
    C/my downoads and then I got all these cool as hell books.
    Again, thanx MimbresValley!:thumbsup:
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    Ya, Mims rock for that post.

    If you go to the second page of that thread and scroll down a bit I got links up of each individual book, just in case you dont wanna DL the whole lot :D

    EDIT: BTW, all my links are through MegaUpload so no torrent handler needed if you aint already got it. I deff aint trying to steal Mims thunder here, its just that some peeps dont wanna mess with torrents and dont wanna eat up any extra data if they aint gotta ;)
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    hmm I thought it was a piece a cake, I been using it for years with no problem. ..please, no offence, but how do you know what other people want or don't want?
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    After reading through this post I believe that I have 3 females (all have purple in one or more areas ), however I have one plant with twisted leaves and very small "nodes" in the crotch of the branch. The pistils are crossed. Is this a hermie?
    BTW the "nodes" are only about 1/32. Very small I thought to clearly identify as male. Been wrong before though.....

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