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Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by GrowRebel, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. GrowRebel

    GrowRebel Registered+

    I did a search of this forum and I didn't find anything on the subject.

    In the faq section there is a graph showing how to sex a seed to see whether or not the plant will be female .... is this true? ..... has anyone tried this?:confused:
  2. brookerosebud

    brookerosebud Registered+

    don't know about the validity of this chart, but i'll be doing some experiments as i still have 14 femenized seeds. i'll end up posting on this thread, probably so keep it fresh!

    love, brooke
  3. harris7

    harris7 Registered+

    hmm. I'm sure it is correct. I have a question tho, why are these seeds feminized. and why are some seeds not.
  4. brookerosebud

    brookerosebud Registered+

    feminized seeds are produced when a female plant is over stressed and kicks a male flower (hermaphrodite) because both the mother and the father of the seeds are a female plant, the odds are greater of female/male. in other words, feminized seeds is sposed to give you more females.

    love, brooke
  5. roadcam

    roadcam Guest

    there is no way to determine the sex of a seed by looking at it ... NO way ... that is controlled by both genetics, and environment ... :smokin:
  6. GrowRebel

    GrowRebel Registered+

    Then the chart is incorrect?:confused:
  7. luvtogrow

    luvtogrow Registered+

    There are ways to increase chance of female from seed. Keeping temps/humidity etc within proper parameters, more blue light. Dutch Passion lists the influencing factors on their website. My understanding is that your seed will decide sometime @week2-3 what sex it will be.
  8. GrowRebel

    GrowRebel Registered+

    Had anyone ever tried the method in the chart to prove or disprove the theory? :confused: :stoned:
  9. luvtogrow

    luvtogrow Registered+

    I remember this issue many years ago and have seen numerous responses from people who supposedly checked it out. It boils down to being a myth. I can remember a breeder pointing out that if it were possible, everybody would be doing it, it would be common knowledge.Just went and looked at the faq, and that's the same one I remember from years and years ago exactly. Too bad we don't have overgrow archives to show, but I can recall someone pointing out that those are not even mj seeds in the photos, they are a type of tree seed??
  10. roadcam

    roadcam Guest

    their 'chart', is, in a word, "horseshit" .... but, their photos of trichome changes IS correct ... :smokin:
  11. Zoidberg

    Zoidberg Registered+

    I've been listening to Zandor's podcast and he reckons that a plant's sex is in the RNA and not the DNA, that is, it is not determined until it is a few weeks into the grow. He also gave a list of influencing factors which I can't remember right now. However some of them were:

    Using a blue spectrum light (ie MH) in early veg should mean more females, whereas using a HPS would more influence males.

    24hrs of continuous light in veg can influence more males, whereas a lesser amount of light (I believe he said 14 hours but unsure) will tip the balance towards females.

    Check out the podcast anyway, it's pretty good. I tend to re-listen to them a lot because it's impossible to pick up everything on the first go (ps, not trying to kiss the dude's ass either, just my opinion).
  12. GrowRebel

    GrowRebel Registered+

    If the info in FAQ is incorrect then shouldn't they take it down? ... it can cause confusion. :confused: :stoned:

    At least make a statement there is no proof this method works .... :cool:
  13. Tommygirl

    Tommygirl Registered+

    Ya know, when I was a teen it was believed by all my friends, who'd gotten the info from an MJ authority, that you told the sex of the plant by counting the pucks on the leaves. If it had 5 pucks it was male and if it had 7 it was female. Or possibly the other way around, It's been a while so I don't recall clearly. The point is that this way something that everybody who knew anything about pot knew. The people that I'm talking about didn't even know it was the buds that you smoke. They thought it was the leaves, as did I because I knew as little as they, but they were authorities and would tell anyone who would stand still long enough.

    My guess is that someone who's ignorant of MJ thought that chart up and it's now become an urban ledgend, like counting the pucks, because people who don't know squat about the subject are always trying to make shit up to sound like they know everything.
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  14. m.g.

    m.g. Banned

    this is the 1st i've seen that chart. i've always assumed sex is determined after sprouting by happenstance and environment too but it will be interesting to see how accurate this chart is...and i just happen to be starting a new batch of seeds in the very near future and will definitely be using this chart. i'll get back to y'all with the details...
  15. roadcam

    roadcam Guest

    that chart has been around a long time, giving bad information ... that chart is BOGUS, don't waste your time ... won't prove anything even if you did get all females, using that idea, because I've only gotten two males in 41 years of growing, doing something different almost every grow ... doesn't prove one method over any other ... but, any serious investigation is worthwhile, because that's how we learn ... have at it ... :smokin:
  16. GrowRebel

    GrowRebel Registered+

    Yes .... I think we should have a serious investigation .... the Neville's Haze I planted I used the method .... I too will report back when I sex the plants.

    41 years of growing and only two males? That seems impossible. :confused:
  17. m.g.

    m.g. Banned

    no time wasted checking a seed before cost either. seems like a simple 'field test' will put all arguments to rest.

    and i agree about the 2 males in 41 years seeming impossible...if that happened to me i'd be sharing my method!
  18. roadcam

    roadcam Guest

    no 'method', just blind luck, and love of the plant ... lol send me the seeds you refuse :D ... I had a male many years ago, and another a couple of years ago ... in fact, I tried purposely stressing the hell outta my last crop, in an effort to force a hermie, as I want to make some seeds ... no luck, they all stayed female ... how's that for shitty luck ? ... :D ... P.S. ... as any of my friends would vouch , "I don't lie" ... :smokin:
  19. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Sexing a seed is just a myth.
    You want more girls, treat them better.
  20. jamstigator

    jamstigator Registered+

    It's also a myth that 24 hour lighting produces more males, at least directly. The reason why SOME people see more males with continuous lighting is because of inadequate ventilation to deal with the heat. HEAT (or other stresses) can cause more males. Erratic photoperiods can cause more males. But a nice temperature-controlled environment with continuous light does not cause more males.

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