Sexual harassment on the bus

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Staurm, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Staurm

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    I witnessed something on the bus on the way home that made me pretty fucking angry today. One guy, arguably two, harassing a young black woman and being quite predatory towards her and possibly racist. She was quite a honey I have to say, and the kind of girl who would have no problem drawing any man's eyes towards her person. But I think sitting next to her and, amongst other things that fall easily within the definition "lairy as fuck", staring quite blatantly at her, and her looking down her cleavage for a good 10-15 minutes. Sitting directly behind them I watched his accomplice sitting up the other end of the bus, facing towards the back and laughing at various insane gestures he made, including eating a bar of chocolate - which I think may have been a suggestive reference to the colour of her skin - and then turning round and staring at this girl, who was quite noticably agitated by the whole thing. What made the whole thing all the more strange was that he could easily have sat next to his friend up the other end of the bus, but he chose instead to sit next to this girl. It was like the whole thing was building up to something, I turned round a couple of times and the people behind me were also watching this going on with some scorn and kind of wondering if we should step in and say something. Pair of dirty fuckers they were, they looked like they were out of a crime scene reconstruction off Crimewatch, which made me concerned for her safety upon leaving the bus. I don't know happened after I got off, but as I stood up I offered her my seat away from the dirty scumbag and she took it without any further consideration. I probably should have offered it before, but then that would have meant me standing up for the rest of the journey or sitting next to him myself. Either way he would have noticed and that could have led to any kind of stupidity imaginable. I asked her if she was OK, but she was busy talking to someone on the phone hopefully someone to meet her wherever she was going. I'm no tough guy but I have been know to pull off a convincing hard man scottish accent from time to time, and I was wondering if I was going to have to risk possibly getting myself into all sorts of bother by trying to pull that one off again. It's not like anything serious happened, it just made me fucking angry because the guy was totally out of order, I'd feel like stepping in and saying something if someone acted like that towards anyone. I reckon they were just a pair of clowns, _possibly_ neo-nazis, just pissed up and acting like arseholes, but saying that I think in the right scenario they might well take this shit further. What would you do in a situation like that? Would it be legit in a case like that to take quite snap on the fly with your mobile and give it to the police? It's not my thing to do that kind of thing, but they were not right in the fucking head, no sane person acts like that in public.
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    I know exactly what you mean mate, the buses round here are terrible, some of the routes have been shut off because of people chucking bricks or shooting air rifles at the buses. It's hard to know when to step in, i think you did the best you could given the situation.
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  3. Staurm

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    What???? Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking? I've been through some areas of Manchester and London that creeped me right out.
  4. Kid Dynamite

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    i live near reading, the bus route was through the centre of an estate. I've been on buses in scotland and they scared the shit out of me too.
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  6. Gandalf_The_Grey

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    People do some crazy/sick things on busses. Once I was about to sit down on the front seat and stopped myself just in time to see that somebody had jizzed on the seat. How do you get away with that on the front seat?!:eek:
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  7. psychocat

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    I'm afraid I can't say what I would've done because the boards don't take kindly to talk of violence , my name isn't psycho for nothing.
    I hate bullying and become very confrontational whenever I see it, it helps that I'm 6'2" and a little mean looking .
    The line "Hoi ,why not try that with me?" usualy gets thier attention , I practice Muay Thai so I am pretty confident of handling most situations.
    You probably did the right thing under the circumstances.
    A pic would help the police if things had gone tits up .
  8. Staurm

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    The Hoi, you got a fucking problem mate? approach would have been perfectly warrented, I assure you, maybe not entirely neccessary. I didn't feel quite up to dealing with the events that would have transpired.
  9. crudemood

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    People like that made me sick, you did the right thing at the right moment Staurm.
    I had that happen to me once almost. I sat at the back of the bus but there were PLENTY of other seats available but he came to sit beside me. NOt only did he sit beside me, he took up a 1/4 of my seat too and every time I tried to move a bit to signal to him he was sitting TOO close, he did the opposite and sat even CLOSER to me. I was a bit disgusted.
    Several times during the bus ride he started to rub his crotch and then looking over at me. The bus is a scary place man, I'm so glad I got my own car..

    But seriously though, who do people think they are man, thats just so wrong.
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  10. Nightcrewman

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    The same round some of our local towns, the buses won't go into certain areas after dark for fear of being attacked.

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  11. TheDefiler

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    Man people are so stupid sometimes! No wonder why everyone insists in adding to the pollution and driving their own cars! It's fucking morons like this that make people not wanna use public transportation.
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  12. Silent Wolf

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    Thank fuck i live out in the countryside, it's so much more peaceful.
  13. Nation_1ne

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    That must have been one horrible experience, no wonder you don't want to use public transport. I really couldn't imagine how it must feel to be sexually harassed either, it must feel quite awful and degrading. It's just good that you came out of the situation unharmed.

    I can't say I've ever seen this stuff happen on public transport, I have in clubs though. It happens so often, a fair few times I've pretended to be the boyfriend of a girl. However I did have a real shock one night. I was out with a few mates and this guy was harassing this woman by the bar. Anyway I chatted to her and she explained this bloke was really starting to annoy her and worry her somewhat. So we swapped sides, so that I was standing in front of him with my back facing him, and chatting to the girl. Anyway he didn't like this and walked around me. Next thing I know before the fella could do or say anything, BAM! this man gets clocked by the girl, she smacked him straight in the face. He went bright red and his eyes welled up and he walked off.
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  14. affasd

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    one time i was at a concert and i lean on the wall and look back and theres fucking cum on the wall. im 99% sure it was at least haha but i dont understand how someone could bust a nut all over the wall at a concert

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