Sharing apartment with irresponsible pothead, what happens if he gets busted?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by defrag010, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. defrag010

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    I'm sharing an apartment with a guy who smokes alot and who always invites friends to come over and smoke here. At first, I didn't mind at all because there was not that much smoking and it was only every now and then. I would occasionally join in, but did not make it a habit. The whole situation is starting to become worrysome, though.

    It's to the point where this apartment has become known by a Big group of friends as a place to come and smoke, and every single night there are at least 6 people in the living room smoking up a storm. They go through about an ounce every week or so. Every single day, right when school's out (and sometimes before if they are skipping) there is this group that just migrates over here and they stay over here until 10-11 all day.

    That part doesn't bother me too much, but the higher amount of person traffic that is always coming and going here could be a red flag to others living around us. My roommate and his friends are naive about marijuana being illegal here and the fact that they can get caught by the authorities, so sometimes they will open the apartment door (for fresh air) and start smoking with the door wide open to where you can smell it way outside the apartment and look right in and see everyone smoke. Sometimes I'll come home at night, and the blinds will be open and everyone is smoking in the living room clearly visible by anyone outside. I got Real worried when I came out of my room and a few of the "regulars" were all excited and telling me that my roommate found some seeds and made a little setup in his bathroom to try and get them to grow.

    I almost flipped out when I found out that this total stranger, who happens to be a dealer, started to bring loads of up to half a pound over here to our apartment to sell to my roommate and to the people who are always over here smoking. Nobody knows the guy very well, and the whole situation just doesn't sit right with me.

    I usually spend most of my time in my room. I'm quite a bit older than my roommate and his crowd (none of them are even 20 yrs old yet) so my behavior/habits and maturity level is different than theirs and I try to preserve that distance. They are still in their party 24/7 stage and I've grown out of it.

    I have a 100% clean record, and am about to graduate a vo-tech school at the end of June. Moving isn't an option right now because I can't afford a move when I will have another move a month later. I'm worried that my roommate and his crowd's ignorant and irresponsible smoking habits are going to draw enough attention to become a big problem. I CAN'T get caught with anything, because my whole family will literally disown me and I do not want anything on my record because of someone else's irresponsibility.

    If for some reason, he gets busted, will I be sucked into all of the legal mess and have charges against me? The apartment has both of our names on it. I stay in my room 90% of the time I'm home and I haven't smoked at all in about 3 weeks. There is no paraphernalia in my room at all, it's all in the living room and it all belongs to him. Since it's in a common/shared area, can I be arrested and charged with the same thing he does if he gets busted even though I'm not involved in anything?
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    Im sure you could get into legal trouble over what goes on at your house, but I would hope that your roommate would take responsibility for his/his friends actions if something were to happen. If that were the case you'd have no trouble. You should tell these kids that if they're going draw that kind of attention to your house, then get the fuck out.
  3. filo6942

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    what country are you even from? hard to tell ya any advice without knowing where you from.
  4. Weedhound

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    I'd guess yes, you'd be in trouble with your name on the lease/rental agreement.

    I'd lose your irresponsible friend.....or at least get your own place with a more SUBTLE roomate.
  5. Stemis516

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    if your roommate has any kind of integrity, if he gets busted he would tell the authorities that you had no part in it and to leave you out of it

    thats the agreement i have with my roommate anyways concerning my grow
  6. Wolf420

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    Sounds like it's time to have a little chat with the roommate and explain in no uncertain terms how you feel and your fears. Or the other alternative is to go out into the common area and tell everyone there to get the hell out.

    Tough spot you are in. Hope it works out for you.
  7. frostedwonder

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    I would have to say man up and get your priorities in order. If you are in a situation that you could have serious negative ramifications then do what you need to do. Those people in your living space are stealing your air, wasting your light and taking up your space. There is nothing rude about asserting your rights to live a good life and its your life were talking about here, take control and tell that roomie to get a brain and take that drama somewhere else.. I usually just pull a nice big gun and clean it often but you can do what works for you. I would always have a crooked smile and wandering eye when cleaning the gun it adds flavor..
    jk I can run faster in anger :wtf:then you can in fear.... that is a nice tune you could sing while cleaning, people like it and its catchy lol:)
  8. luciddreamer

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    Just tell them to go smoke somewhere else or be more discreet, they can choose which.
    If you've only got a month left it should be OK.
    But I'm thinking you could get busted for just not telling the cops. Obstruction of justice or some bs like that.
  9. veggii

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    dude ! your gonna get busted ! get those plants outta there ASAP! shut it down !! no more parties ! or goto JAIL! you've been warned ! you have multiple felonies! you have to think about yourself here man ! shut it down! know! are you ready for a 5yr prison sentence OMG!!! them little kiddies are gonna get you sent to prison man ,,I'd beat some ASSES seriousley :wtf:
  10. haole007

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    must be some good stuff if you are still paranoid after three weeks since you smoked!

    all kidding aside... it's not your contraband, and your personal areas are free of stash and/or paraphanalia... you'll be fine.

    the fact that in a couple weeks you'll, also, be able to dare the authorities to "piss" you to prove you don't partake, couldn't hurt if you live in a place like arizona.

    oh, btw... if you live in arizona, tell him to get out.

    IF there is selling going on at your residence, AND...IF you lucky enough to have a over zealous prosecutor, i COULD see you being sucked into the mess, with the authorities declaring your residence a place off business for illegal activities, and you knowing it was happening makes you an accomplice...

    or maybe i'm smoking some similar chit and I'M the paranoid one.
  11. RobPA

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    How about talking to your roomate first? That would seem most logical???:wtf:

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