shipping buds??

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Senor Butts, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Senor Butts

    Senor Butts Registered

    Hello all,

    I moved to south Florida (Ft Myers) and dont have a hook up for KB. My buddy back home growns a sweet batch of Jah hair & bubblegum.
    Any ideas how to send a OZ?
    UPS,USPS, fed eX or DHL?

    Any one been busted?

  2. NattyDread

    NattyDread Registered

    definitely not usps. i've heard of people using fedex and ups, haven't heard of others. but with fedex i don't think they even scan anything under 2 ounces, so you could try to just keep it light.
  3. NattyDread

    NattyDread Registered

    oh yeah, and i've heard of stuffed animals, big candles you cut in half, hollow out, and melt back together, peanut butter - put in jar and cover w/melted pb, shampoo bottles, a bunch of baggies with layers of vaseline inbetween to smell proof....
  4. SaltCityStoner

    SaltCityStoner Registered

    here's a method

    Place each portion in a triple zip lock bag coat vaseline in between the second and third out bags. Then saran wrap your bundle. Take 4 Peanut Butter jars, hollow out smallest hole for the wrapped goodie as possible. Place each wrapped goodie inside of the jar. Fill remaining space in jar with previously removed peanut butter, smooth the top and make sure nothing is sticking out and everything is buried deep in the middle. Re-seal the freshness seal with glue before putting on plastic lid.

    Is there anyone out there with the balls to use this method?
  5. SaltCityStoner

    SaltCityStoner Registered

    didn't think so

    oh well

    if u in utah n u neeb bud

    hit me up
  6. Jointeffort

    Jointeffort Registered


    Use expresspost, you can drop it off at any mail drop box. Get a vaccume sealer.

    check out my web page if anyone is interested in buying some bud.

    Canada only please!
  7. Jointeffort

    Jointeffort Registered

  8. sev7enCrows

    sev7enCrows Registered

    i'll take a free tester joint
  9. david420

    david420 Registered

    ahha free weed....
  10. gs8778

    gs8778 Registered+

    don't use ups or fed ex b/c they are privately owned companies and can open suspicious packages. Use usps since they need an actual warrant to open your mail. Get a vacuum sealer and double seal it. Then fold cardboard (cereal box) around it and wrap all over with duct tape. Dont use anything like coffee to mask it. Just makes it suspicious. If you seal it right there wont be any smells anyways. peace
  11. mrjones

    mrjones Registered

    haha i once read that bob dylan on his first us tour (taken in a blue station wagon) always had a "box" and the post office wating for his friend to pick it up. but that was the 60s and pry people are a lot more knowlagable about the look and smell of it that vaccume seal sounds like a cool idea. that would work... just a funny story i figured i share :)
  12. Jointeffort

    Jointeffort Registered

    If anyone would like a tester joint you must go to my website at

    all the info is there, aswell as the order form that must be sent with your request.

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