shitty chemical weed in limerick again

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by stelth stoner, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. stelth stoner

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    thats right same shitty ass chemical weeds around limerick again thanks to the brainless idiot running the show, couldn't tell weed from grass(actual grass)and when you do get it, it's not even 2 grams let alone 3, my next harvest won't be ready till christmas, if anyone knows a decent grower/supplier please let me know, sick of the crappy shit they pass for weed- but it gets you stoned i here whenever anyone complains but guess what so does sniffing petrol fuckin braindead knackers. anyway had to get that off my chest thanks for hearing me
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  2. canadianhemperor

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    Solution :next time grow more! or move to Amsterdam lol!!!!
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  3. kiff

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    Dude i know what you mean i live in a small town in north tipp and that smae shit has been around here for ages and the deals are as you say. why would you do that to people i HATE the taste of the shit, for a while i thought it was just my friend and i that noticed it.
  4. stelth stoner

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    hey kiff dude, there's not many things worse than shitty weed, especially when you've drivin a fair distance, whats your scoop r u a fellow grower? i'm newish to the site and relatively new to growin but its the best thing i've ever done,
  5. stelth stoner

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  6. stelth stoner

    stelth stoner Registered+

    its around again shitty chemical weed :( word of warning to everyone, its mixed with good weed this time, watch for sparking in lit joints dont know what it is? avoid
  7. silent leprechaun

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    Not good when I hear of this chemical weed... Silicosis will be a very big issue in Ireland if the government doesn't step in and accept that marijuana is here to stay.


    There will be a host of other issues to come because of these greedy growers. Growers who are strictly in the game to make profits.
    The Irish government will just say that those with silicosis shouldn't have been smoking weed. That will show how much of a shit they give about the Irish citizens.
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  8. stelth stoner

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    couldn,t agree with you more, and yet if your caught growing your own to avoid this poison they throw the book at you, if they'd just open their eyes, cannabis is now the no.2 cash crop in california, the debate of legalizing weed was on 4fm recently and there is still alot of stupid people with opinions they have never revised and yet are passionate about condemning this God given beautiful flower. There's more weed around not and it would easily fool the novice it smells great and looks good but it crumbles to dust in your fingers quite easily and even when you smoke it there's only a mild funny taste not like other crap weeds that taste shit, something tells me this stuff's going to be around for a while as it easily fools the masses, i could only speculate as to whats in it this time, its not frebreeze as the odour is strong maby they didn't flush the plants before cropping this still doesn't explain why it crumbles in your fingers, anyway if there's anybody nearby looking to offload extra propper weed pm me please.:)
  9. silent leprechaun

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    Yeah, it's a bit crazy really. By growing a few plants for yourself you do yourself a benefit and also the economy.

    At least you know your own weed won't poison you or cause irreversible damage. Growing yourself allows you to monitor what goes into your plants and then into you.

    And also, growing your own prevents your money funding international criminal gangs. This keeps the money in out economy and not sent overseas.

    The government will have to do something about this. They can't ignore the fact that weed is here and it won't go away. Zero tolerance doesn't work.

    Maybe one day a politician with a pair of balls will put the idea forward. What's this Ming fella doing at the moment ? Wasn't he elected and sits as a backbencher now ?

    Sorry, but I make it a point never to meet anyone from websites. I don't need the hassle to be honest. It think it's a bad idea to arrange to do something illegal with someone I don't know.

    No offense intended stealth. Why don't you have a grow of your own ? It's not that hard to get 4 plants going in a tent grow. The investment might be high enough.

    I think I invested about €1,000 to get myself up and running. not a bad investment really. For my health that is. I don't smoke tobacco so I usually use a vaporiser.

    Maybe that weed was over dried or something. This can cause the weed to crumble. Sparks can be because they plants weren't flushed right, too much fert in them.

    It would be cool if you could get your hands on a UBS microscope. You could start a blog campaign on the weed quality ;) Might even do that myself.
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  10. stelth stoner

    stelth stoner Registered+

    i'm currently in my 4th grow but she's only a sprout after about 15 failed attempts and 150euro later have to wait about 2 more weeks to take clones and then give some clones to 2 friends of mine, come mid summer there shouldn't be a problem for a while and i'm hoping with the aid of a gorilla grow i should be able to stock some for the winter(problem time), i'm investing bit by bit upgrading all the time i absolutely love growing almost as much as smoking its fascinating to me, i'm just looking for more like minded people near tipp so that in times of trouble we could help each other out and i totally share your concerns, this is the wrong country to be risking getting caught, i do use tobacco(hand rolling) i love a nice slow smoking spliff i would like to remove it in the future and maby use leaves as substitute but i don't think i'd like to vaporize i know it's clean but it's over too quick for me, if you have any good tips on cloning please send them on and hopefully i'll post pics of current grow and document it this time any cloning advise i've seen so far has been varied and mostly crap, goodluck dude
  11. silent leprechaun

    silent leprechaun Registered+

    I was just looking at your grow on the Irish Tokers page.
    You are using CFL I see.

    Just a small point on CFL. I have a light metre at home and I have a few CFLs in my grow too. It is shocking how much light is lost once you move an inch or 2 from the bulb.
    If you want to make the most of the CFL I think it would be better to keep them much closer to the plants. Also, as the lights are hanging on 4 points around the plant a lot of light is being lost in the other direction. Perhaps you could make 4 small reflectors that can be attached to the lamp holder. Bending wire and attaching a white, reflector, 60 degree bent in the middle, behind the lamp might work wonders for the plant.

    I really think that you need those bulbs as close as possible. Just an idea.

    Take care.
  12. stelth stoner

    stelth stoner Registered+

    i do i put them as close as possible every day i adjust them, i'll show you pics of my box set up at some point 4 of the 6 bulbs actually hang down and can be adjusted to whatever length required i also have more holders to fit to the sides lower down, i tried attaching to bent coat hangers to sides but there was to much weight on end and it got very messy so i took them out, i also have tinfoil all along the roof and sides, the funny thing is i done loads of research before i started about the distance and my friend just used 4(20w) stationary bulbs at the top of his, low and behold he got a shit load of top quality weed from it check the last posts on irish tokers for pics, cfl's are very under rated i will upgrade to led's or maby a plasma in the future as cfls have poor canopy penetration but will continue to use them, i also have a 400w hps gathering dust i just can't justify wasting that much elec and drawing more attention to my grow it's like a small sun in the room, nobody seems to use the irish tokers page anymore was thinkin of starting a new group, everything we type here is on the main page where as group pages are a bit more private, would you be interested?
  13. Ya man that's true... Some good amnesia and pineapple chunk about the place but you need to no who your getting it off... Better to just grow your bro
  14. ado12

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    such stupid opinions on weed from some people in ireland. the 2 girls who are in hospital clearly got laced weed(doubt mould would put ya in intensive care),yet people complain that weed in general is dangerous ,fuc sake nobody ever died from bud,its them scumbag bastid suppliers/bad dealers that spray/lace the weed.
    if we had dispensaries those 2 girls wouldnt be in hospital.
  15. ado12

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    it wasnt the weed at all,was something they took after smokin the erb.

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