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  1. friendwithweed

    friendwithweed Registered+'t-work-so-i-use-these---so-sorry-for-the-inconvience.,distance-from-plant,etc.
  2. NowhereMan

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    yes you sure can friend

    you can top the plant(pinch the top off) do so only after the 4th node(set of true leaves),will stop the thing from growing so tall and i must add,i must do this to anythung i put out so they are harder to see for the thieves and the law(who look so dam hard)
    can top it twice for maximum stubbyness,hehehe
    will produce a short fat bushy plant that has many buds due to the fact that you force it fork and to grow two main stems and tops
    when it buds you get two mian buds on top,not one,4 if topped twice

    ill try dig up a picture for you to show the resulting stem of the plant

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  3. quackers

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    some indicas have short plants

    ive had some only come to 3' tall, and that is with out pinching,,,one was a nl strain and the last batch i did was over 5 with a dutch k33....i like the short ones too since my headroom in my grow space is just under 6'....i like hydro..its easy fool proof and you dont have to worry about over watering.. quackers :p
  4. Gardenking

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    Why not just tie the plant over and let it grow will make it bushy as well and you don't have to top the plant and slow down groth..
  5. durangosativa

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    tall plants

    i'm growing 7 AK-47 x White Widow's and one bag seed in a 6' by 3' closet w/ 600w HPS and 220w Floro's. the bag seed turned out to be a vigorous sativa that didint want to stop growing. in order to accomodate the both the sativa and the AK - W.W's i literaly broke the sativa in half, and now she is growing at a 90 degree angle. the break itself looks nasty, but the plant dosent seem to care, she is just as healthy as before and she measures 5 1/2' tall from soil to cola.
  6. smknjoe

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    Just pinch away! the more you pinch and prune your plant back, the bushier it will get. And if your worried about slowing down the plants growth don't be! I found out of all the plants i had pruned back knew growth, they grew more vigourously then they did before, try it! And happy growing m8 :)
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    hedge builder

    i grow out dorz. i gradualy bend my plantz right over. Then i lay a light chicken wire over them to contain em a little. this makes buds grow up thru wire mesh. give a gentle prune occasionaly and your plant will grow along the ground. xlent technique for camoflage. makes it harder for human pests to rip you off, too! you can have a bewdiful 8 footer w.o. having to tip. u can train plants to grow to any shape
    Cmon Ozzy
  8. Dingo

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    hey having problems .... for hight check this strain out... look for lowryder....

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  9. ewells2420

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    omfg lol, thats bad ass.
  10. sheist

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    so whats more effective? bending it over and letting it grow horizontally?? or topping and letting it grow outward?
  11. sheist

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    and what do you mean here? the 4th time they grow 7leaves? the 4th real leaf it grows?
  12. AngryJohnny

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    do you mean to litterally cut off the main cola?
    like a mm or 2?

    hell I was cutting fan leaves.
  13. BobBong

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    grown for 2 weeks under crappy lights then put into 12/12 with much better lights

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  14. sheist

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    2 weeks including the germination?

    and whats a 'cola'

    and any answers to my previous questions?

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