Shorter 12/6 flower cycle

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by thcreactor, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. thcreactor

    thcreactor Registered

    Okay, anyone have EXPERIENCE with the shorter 12/6 flower day? Noone seems to know about it.
  2. bejay

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    6 hours of darkness is not enough to allow flowering the plant would remain in a veg state if you used a 12/6 cycle, which really wouldnt be any different than 18/6 as the light will still be on for 18 hours per 24 hrs
  3. thcreactor

    thcreactor Registered

    Okay let me break the theory down fo ya'll. OK cannabis needs 12 hours of light to flower And 16+ for good veg Now if you run your plants on an 18 hour day your plant will think each 18 hour cycle is a day and will flower 25% faster. The biggest obstacle would be the timer but with a couple timers and some math it can be done. Jorge cervantes makes mention of this in the indoor bible, And credits the dutch for this techniqe. But Does it work
  4. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    I have doubts, and wonder if the unusual photoperiods would induce 'stress' and hermie production ... suggest you try it, keep a Grow Log, and show us how it works for you ... :smokin:
  5. bejay

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    the plant needs a longer dark period to flower it has nothing to do with the light period other light periods have been used such as 6/6 just to keep a plant in veg mode and reduce its growth and to cut down on electriciy usage.

    most all strains except the autoflowering strains need 10 -11 hours of dark period to induce flowering increasing the dark period more will speed up flowering wich is why 12/12 is used
  6. ridethefire

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    In an edition of high times Jorge Cervantes explains a way to have an outdoor harvest in june or july. He said that after a few weeks 12/12 time (indoors) that the plants could be moved outdoors during the summer and not revert back to veg...

    If you mess around with your times, I would wait until you had some pretty decent 'buddage' going on.
  7. bejay

    bejay Registered+

    thats doesnt work for everyone just depends on how many dark hours the plant receives at your location which can vary greatly.
  8. Perp

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    My understanding is that the lights are on for 6 hours and off for 12. Then you are right, the buds will finish quicker because the plant thinks each 18 hour period is one day. However, since the lights are only on for half the time you will get approx. half the amount of bud.
  9. Weedhound

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    You bunch of little gods you!! Changing the day around! Is nothing sacred anymore?
  10. Shovelhandle

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    I saw grow rooms with accelerated time (16 hour days or so). This was in 1973 using sodium and mercury lamps in each fixture. Hoods were water cooled and the ballasts were remote mounted.
    I see that it grew bean vines rapidly but I can't remember the important details.

  11. Legalizdahurb

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    Unfortunatly I can't be to helpfull either but I remember on O.G. some people were getting 5 on/offs over a 7 day week. I think they were getting more yield off the plants but it took upto a month longer to flower them. I can't remember if the incresed yield would be worth the wait.
    It was more about giving more light time like 18/12 but as perp said i think 12/6 (or 6/12) would decrese yeild but would bring harvest date forward.
  12. growinforthefuture

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    12/8 is what was reccomended in HT, they had an ad in the issue with the article you are talking about for a timer that ran on 12 dark 8 or 9 light. i think it was programmable so you pick whatever cycle you want.
  13. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    good thread, i never really thought about speeding up days, i think ill stick with 12/12 it works fine for beginners :Rasta: also its easy to do manually like turn em on at 12am off at 12pm
  14. canuck grower

    canuck grower Registered+

    Here's some info on it:
    Advanced Nutrients Medical - 6 hrs 40 mins ON 12 hrs Off

    It's pretty interesting, but I won't be trying it myself for years (until I have a lot more experience).

    There's some on icmag too I think, but you'll have to search for that yourself.

    -cg :jointsmile:
  15. Tomthehippie

    Tomthehippie Registered+

    Snap! :)
  16. oldsanclem

    oldsanclem Registered+

    Funny thing happend on the way to earth, plants are stuck in max blooming 12/12.
    I have a automated system relayrunner, plants are stuck in a 12/12 blooming sequence. In nature a plant starts do bloom when the days get shorter. and the nights get longer. Muther nature has been stuck that way for a few million years on earth.
    Things I have found out , feb extra day every 4 years , it still harvest in 63 days. When the extra one second was added a few years ago. I harvested my plants 1 second sooner.
    Bottom line its not nice to screw with muther nature.
    I do not think anything has changed over the last 35 years , but someday , maybe.
    You can have your computer check in with the time standards once a week, so you do not loose any growing time. ( computer clocks need to be updated every so often)
    Grow for piece , and peace on earth, but do it on a blanket, the sands of time got stuck in weird places.
  17. jonnyganjaseed

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    the plant would still Veg in 12/6, and i would bet that the roots would become sickly and weak as you are basically speeding up the plants light/dark cycle from a 24hr period to an 18hr cycle, which also equals major stressing on your plants, thus increasing the likelihood that they will turn out male.

    to truly take advantage of a 12/6 cycle, you would need plants that have had some kind of genetic engineering done since the light cycle is programmed into the plants through eons of evolution.

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