Should i cut off leaves ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by budbudding, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. budbudding

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    Hi peaple i need a little help , My plants have run out of growing space , I just want to know if i could cut off leave's so my lower buds get some light ?
    I'm growing blue cheese under x3 600watt hps room size 8'x7' and been in flower for 3 weeks

    Thanks Guy's

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  2. pushit

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    You can if ya want but its not highly recommended after the first 2 weeks of 12/12. If i were you id just tuck as many fan leaves as you can without cutting. This way your plants dont get unnecessary stress and you get light to those budsites. BTW great grow man. Looking really good:thumbsup:
  3. Purple Daddy

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    They look nice, I wouldn't mess with them.
  4. budbudding

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    Thanks guys for the response :thumbsup: ,. Ive been told to leave them by most people but a few pals of mine who grow say they get better results by cutting all the leaves off even the fan leave's , But i find it hard to believe , as i thought fan leaves was the major energy source for the plant ,. Think i will leave them on till its time to chop, but think i will leave the lower bud sites on for at least another week or so ??
  5. Purple Daddy

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    Yeah, an old wives tale about removing fan leaves. My buddy was growing in a phototron a long time ago and followed this advice of removing fan leaves to "stimulate" growth or whatever, within a few weeks he was starting over.
  6. GaGrown

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    I have to say this about removing the fan leaves... I would only do it when in about week 3 of flowering. Only to let the lower budding branhes get a lil' more light. Hence more yeild. Big Bud loves to be picked on a bit! Skunk #1? It's just a Hearty ass Strain! Hope this helps some of ya!

  7. Purple Daddy

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    Unless they are yellowing I wouldn't bother. Every time you pick a leave off you deprive the plant of an energy source. If you want the bottom flowers to get more light pick the top buds first and let the bottom flowers go another week, once you pick all those big buds all the energy will concentrate on whats left.
  8. GaGrown

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    If they are being fed properly there should'nt be any thang FREAKY,goin' on..Right? When you pick off a fan leaf the rest of the plant will concentrate on the rest.:thumbsup:

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  9. big_a220

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    i heard if you put a couple of low watt cfl's about 40 to 50 watts at the bottom of your grow space and aim them at the bottom of the plant that isnt gettin enough light that should work

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