Should I get a Nutramist fogger?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Opie Yutts, Jul 25, 2008.

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    I've always wanted to try fogging, since it is the absolute best way to give your roots oxygen. The results are supposed to surpass common aeroponics and NFT. I'm ready to re-do my spray system, since that's not really aeroponics, and it gets plugged up. Upon researching pump sizes and what all is required for true misting, I'm better off buying a fogger. I guess the new thing is to combine fogging with NFT, but due to power outages I'm considering combining it with a shallow res for the last 2 inches roots.

    Has anyone compared the cheapo ultrasonic foggers to the Nutramist foggers? Do they get plugged up, are they hard to clean, do they need special "non-chunky" nutrients? Any comments regarding true fogging for a method of feeding would be much appreciated. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info about it.

    Nutramist Ultrasonic Foggers For Hydroponics, Horticulture, Propagation, Foliar Feeding, Greenhouse And Grow Room Humidification An Pesticide Application:

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    Wow, talk about the popularity of the fog feed technique. The boards and this thread are going crazy.

    Well even if I'm the only one, I'm about ready to take the plunge dad gummit. I've been saying for years that the key to huge healthy plants is plenty of oxygen in the rhizome. You'll see, you'll all be sorry. No wait, I didn't mean that. Please somebody stop me. I'm just about to order a single head fog module and get serious about this. I've found that the cheapo ones for fountain effects and stuff do not do the job as well. The whole point of FFT AKA Fog Feed Technique is to make a dry fog, which is water droplets under 5 micron. The bigger the droplet the less readily it is uptook (uptaken?) and larger droplets are really just like spraying. The cheapo ones make droplets from 10-50 micron, and are not designed to shatter nutrients.


    I love talking to myself.
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    I'm still watchin Opie .
    Crispi :jointsmile:
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    Keep the dream alive and stuff. More coming soon hopefully. Maybe a fogging log.
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    That'd be awesome, I've never seen a grow log for that method.... yet
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    Hey Opie;

    I checked out the Nutramist Fogger,and was not too impressed once I saw it in person. It is based on a pond fogger, and you could build a better one yourself, and a lot cheaper.

    I'm currently building a frankenfogger machine called "Fogfognugen" because it will use two types of fog. 1) dry ultra-sonic fog produced by a Frapaplas Fogger and 2) a wet fog produced using impengment mister nozzles and a 150psi pump.

    You can check out my build and see other experimenters of fog at:
    Fogponics Online.

    Check out page 58 of the new High Times, named Fogponics and the Dominaero machine they make, the best new growing technique.

    PS: I also have a picture of the TI Smartlamp over there.
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    that link you posted said the nutramist fogger is $25. why go for the cheepo version? how much cheaper do they get? or how much can they cost.

    if this has applications in cloning, that might be interesting (or atleast a good way to get off the ground.)

    hey. if you dont do this, i might give it a shot.
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    Oh I'm doing it. The fog generators are supposed to be here in 2 days, and I lay awake all night thinking about design.

    I've been doing some reading that these fog generators add a bunch of heat to the reservoir. My initial plan was to have 2 reservoirs, and the fogger in the one with the plants. Now I may actually build a small unit like the $300 nutramist models, thinking that the separate reservoir like they have might solve the heat issue. I don't think the fog will remain hot once it travels through the hose up to the plants, but if anyone has input on this I would certainly appreciate it. It would be much easier to simply put the fogger in with the roots.
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    Thanks for dropping by.

    Perhaps you could help me on the 2 types of fog though. How often are you planning on running the nozzles? It kinda seems like they would wash down the roots, thus defeating the purpose of the dry fog. I would expect no real improvement in the amount of fine root hairs you would normally get with dry fog, and I thought wet fogs produced roughly the same results as spraying. The whole point of fogging is to produce 5 micron droplets so that the roots get loads of air with their food and drink.

    Also my understanding about misting and pumps is that for a true mist (something like 50 micron droplets) you'll need a 1000 psi, not 150. That and clogging is why I gave it up.

    I'm new to fog research, so please correct me where I'm wrong.
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    Well I'd love to see it, but even after finding your thread and signing up so I can see the pictures, they won't let me see them. After thanking me for logging in, I get taken to a page that tells me I'm not logged in.

    Any chance you could post some photos here? Or even links to photos?
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    I feel like an idiot today, but I can't figure out how to work the High Times site. Even after searching and getting a link to the article you talk about, it just takes me to the list of this year's issues.

    Or were you talking about a physical copy of High Times? The nearest one is 2 hours of driving at 13 mpg, and mail is out of the question.

    Dad gummit, we need those photos, STAT!
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    I wonder how fast -n- hairy cuttings / clones get compared to these seed sprouts ? A homemade fog cloner might be in our near future here .
    Crispi :stoned:
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    Not sure but that guy said it was a tomato seed. I learned in medical marijuana class that if you have talk about conditions for plants but don't want to say the M word, then talk about tomatoes, since they have very similar needs and desires.

    I'm thinking I might just drop a unit in my cheapo aero cloner, but not turn it on until some roots begin to show. Still worried about heat though. I'm not going to spend $450 on an aquarium chiller for my cheapo cloner, which already works pretty well.
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    OPie, im still waiting on your log. come on bro. im so excited to see this
  18. xcrispi

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    That's no shit Opie ,
    I never thought of the heat involved . :stoned:
    I have a lil cloner like yours BTW , Reaper pirated your design , and I stole it from him . Works good even for popin seeds . :thumbsup:
    Crispi :jointsmile:
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    Mahalo, OY!

    5 microns, 'ey?
    Who knew?
    I was just about to yank a fogger from my koi pond.
    You just saved me time and trouble.

    You jus' keep talkin to yourself, brah.
    Good t'ings comin' from dat!:)

    A hi ha,
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    Sorry to hear abt the trouble gettting into fogponics, I'll post some pics here for you and others. Give the other a try again tho, I'll let John the webmaster know.
    BTW the pics above you show in blackstar collars labeled Jesse, is JesseJames who owns Fogponics. (NebulaWest)

    Most of the inexpensive foggers are based on "pond foggers" which is fine. Just make sure you get the bouy with it; it is designed to take the ultra-sonic head and float in water. It is the easiest way to keep the water level correct for the head. Also you really need to go to 3-head or more to fill most good size grow chambers, unless you go individual 1-head unit per single plant grow bucket.

    Let me introduce you to a frankenfogger machine known as "Fogfognugen"

    Uses two types of fog:

    1)ultra-sonic dry fog from a Frapaplas Fogger from Plastique Frapa inc
    cost is $629 canadian, duty free NAFTA, be prepared to give fed ID # or personnel SS#, you lucky americans.

    2)Bete Nozzles PJ-12 impingement nozzle with .012 orifice beatin against a pin size obstruction

    I calculate the Frapa running abt 10mins every 1/2 hr, and the pressure misters 3-5 seconds (depending on system pressurization time) every 1/2 hr.

    Here are a few pics.

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