should this be about ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by stewie420, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    hello. the plant is going to be 8 weeks flowering monday, she
    vegged for 8 weeks as well. her last watering she got just water,
    and a healthy dose of it. plan to give her more water to clean
    her out on her next watering. had planned to put into 48 hours
    of darkness at 8 weeks, but not sure...


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  2. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    NO not ready.. nice plant... no more ferts..

    that LADY sure is hairy!!!!!
  3. sMOkeY bOB

    sMOkeY bOB Registered+

    gees garden knowm u not wrong i aint seen dat many hairs since my ex gf, gees,
    nice lookin buds tho man
  4. latewood

    latewood Banned

    By vegging 8 weeks I think you prolonged your flowering cycle and you need more time to truly finish that baby...imho
  5. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    really? you guys think its a pretty good plant? hrmm...
    well cool...

    so about how much longer you think... weeks?!?!
    ferts stopped on october 2nd.
  6. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    good plant... I bet zandor has a nice theory why it is so hairy.. I am guessing it is not all genetic.. maybe too much nut of some kind...

    DOn't get me wrong the plantis swellingncely but I thik there is a nut issue- just by looking out how the leaves curled..

    hang in there.. post a pic next week..

    IS is getting 12 solid, uniterupted hours of darkness?

    HARDDON Registered+

    YOur plant is not yet ready by any stretch of the imagination.

    This plant is a high sativa strain and it is rare that most high stativas are ready in 8 weeks. Some are as long as 12 weeks.

    It is very nice and pretty, but not yet ready for harvest at all.

    THose curly cue finger leaves are jsut a sign that some roots are getting light or some exposure to environment other than dirt. Not a problem at this stage. Could be the holes at the container bottom, it could be the space between the soil and the pot. No big deal.

    Plan on another couple of weeks, at least.

    Very nice buds...but they are not yet done :)
  8. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    alright... i will continue feeding her water and post some pics
    in another week... the leaves have always been kinda thin, she
    had some pH problems early on. i didnt purposely try to abuse
    my plant with chemicals, she just got the fox farm stuff as
    directed. ill check the soil to see if there are any roots sticking
    out on top and add some soil accordingly, she should be due for
    water tonight anyhow, im sure theres roots sticking out of the
    bottom of the pot, but that pretty normal.

    i go to great lengths to ensure that her home is as light proof as
    humanly possible for the full 12 hours of darkness...

    i wish she would finish, ive got others waiting to move in...

    what should i look for beyond the
    microscopic signs to know that shes
    nearing completion?


    and of course i dont actually know anything about this plant
    and scenario i found on the internet to share with you guys.

    HARDDON Registered+

    The only other way to guage her readiness besides the scope is to generalize...when most of the hairs turn red / brown.....

    It will start from the bottom of the bud and work its way up.

    When 3/4 of any particular bud is red haired, you can harvest that bud if you like to do it without checking the scope.
  10. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    i plan to use the scope, but it involves so much touching
    of the plant that i would like to avoid overdoing it if i can.

    is it going to be getting more crystals?
  11. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    well, stew, there is another way you can gauge her readiness... pick off a nice big bud... put it in an envelope... and mail it to me... I will then exam it thouroughly...

    A real professional exam!!!!!!!!!

    and then I will mail you back a report on my findings along with the remaining ashes that will probably be left after such a thourough exam..

    its up to you.. no pressure..

    HD - back off dude : ), I got this one....
  12. budman2000

    budman2000 Registered+

  13. MeatRulz

    MeatRulz Registered+

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like hairy buds
  14. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    wow... are you guys messing with me? i figured
    my wimpy bent over plant with no crystals would
    be the laughing stock/waste of resources of the
    whole community...

    is my plant really that hairy? is being this hairy bad?
    is it going to get stickier? shes not too sticky nor smelly...

    sorry... first girl... have no idea what im doing...

    ive got 5 of her clones begging for 12/12 once shes
    finally done...

    any gauge on how much i might harvest off her?
    at least an oz???

    she got water yesterday... lots of it... many of her fan leaves
    are yellowing and many towards the bottom have already fallen
    off... otherwise she seems very slow to show any real change
    from day to day...

    ill take some more pics maybe monday or tuesday and see
    what you guys think as to how shes coming along...

    garden knowm i apprciate your offer for a real professional exam,
    but i think i might keep her local and be the first one to light
    up her beautiful fruits...
  15. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+


    You plant is not bad at all.. it is very very hairy,,,,, : )

    It should get real sticky and real smelly.. give some time..

    leep up the good work
  16. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    how about this...

    how long is the window for trich development? as in... if the
    trichs are clear and cloudy now, how long does it take them to
    turn cloudy to amber? as in... how long does a trich stay in
    each stage of its life?

    i know its a gradual change and all... but will a trich stay cloudy
    for 1 week, 2 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours ???

    more pics sometime tonight... probably not of trichs though.
  17. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    these are pics from today... there seems to be some swelling
    fairly noticible in person...
    hows she look?

    the yellowing to browning to falling off leaves is just the plant
    using the fan leaves for sustinance since shes only getting water

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  18. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

  19. stewie420

    stewie420 Registered+

    didnt drag her out of the cabinet for these i guess.

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  20. KenoSmoker

    KenoSmoker Registered+

    Very nice

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