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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by bubadutep75, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. bubadutep75

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    Hello all experts, I just want to know if you should mist your plants with plain water, It would give more of a greenhouse effect but it also can burn the leaves under HPS lights.

    Do you all mist your plants, if so when before the lights go out in the morning or what?
  2. WashougalWonder

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    I never mist for the sake of moisture. I do, in the veg room only, spray on a regular basis a mist of Neem. I do that when I start my daily routine in the garden so it is dried off when the lights get lowered back down. Unless I have for sure mite problems, I let the flower room be.

    My problem is getting rid of the humidity
  3. THContent

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    The lower the humidity, the better.

    Alot less problems, with less humidity.

    Also a side note, little to no humidity will get you more THC production
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  4. Rusty Trichome

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    Same as the other's, and I only spray to correct deficiencies. If the plant doesn't get the moisture it needs from the roots, you'll need to water a little more, or a little more often. But don't keep roots saturated thinking it saves effort. Constantly wet roots rot. Since water easily gets trapped between leaves, spraying in flower is a good way to promote budrot. (mold)

    If you do mist, (spray) raise the lights and don't let water 'pool' on the leaves. Standing water clogs the stomas, which are used for gas exchange and can cause dead spots on the leaf over time.

    If you need to spray against bugs, remove plant from under lights to get under the leaves and spray the undersides, too. Otherwise, you might spray the bulb, which isn't a good idea. Rinse-off the leaves after treatments are complete and the recommended timeframe has passed. (asap)

    Residue can clog the stomas, and could coat (shade) the leaf preventing proper photosynthesis. (kinda like paint or stains protect wood...)
    Never "power" spray with a fine stream. Light to medium spraying (misting) only, or you risk leaf damage.
  5. cigarettes42

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    Misting with plain water will eventually flush out nutrients in your leaves. I only mist for a few days if I am taking clones off the plant
  6. Nancy007

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    I have to go against the majority opinion on this, at least for the conditions where I live.

    It gets hot, windy, and we probably won't get any rain for the next 3-4 months where I live. I have to fine spray mist with plain water every other day. My plants love it, and everyday they get bigger and better. If I didn't do this, all the dust that gets kicked around in the air settles on my plants and clogs everything up. So for me, it's important that I spray lightly every other day.
  7. bubadutep75

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    Thanks Nancy, when you mist are the lights off, and do you keep them off for awhile after spraying? thanks
  8. Topwhistler

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    Don't do it man. I did it. Not thinking. No I have water spots on my leaves and I'm pretty sure they're going to inhibit the light intake

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