showing off my new drying rack

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by u.g.u, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. u.g.u

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    Just had to show off my new drying rack I built yesterday it consits of 12 2' x 3' trays covered in aluminum screen it has a bottom shelf that can be fitted with a piece of glass for any keif that falls off I have to get that cut still. For everything it only cost $120 by my guess I could get at least a lb on each tray. I use my bedroom for drying it is nice I won't have anything hanging above my head anymore.

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  2. iwantFUEGO

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    thats cool... but i dont think ill ever be drying 12 pounds in my room...

    but hey, if you ever needed to, you could right? ;D
  3. u.g.u

    u.g.u Registered+

    ya its a little bigger than I needed but I figured I will grow into it.
  4. 4x5

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    I use old darkroom trays with screen on them, works super. Nice rack.
  5. m.g.

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    but a ball of string costs only a buck and a half and will dry a lot more than that...but string isn't near as pretty as your racks.
  6. u.g.u

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    I did that for a while if I had a dedicated room it would be fine but over my bed sucked it would fall in the middle of the night and the hairs all over it was lame.
  7. u.g.u

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    9 out of 12 should be a good month

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  8. u.g.u i noticed your from so cal mind if i ask you a few question this heat wave and humidity whre having is killing me but more imporatn i think its gonna kill my babies i was just wondering what your doing to control the humidity because thtas deffently my biggest concern
  9. Zandor

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    Very nice U.G.U :thumbsup:
  10. u.g.u

    u.g.u Registered+

    I have a 9000 btu ac in each of my rooms with a 50 pint dehumidifier I run sealed syestem I did have to switch to bottled co2 instead of the generater so that is costing me too I figured the next 2 months it will run me about $450 per room per cycle for co2 and I just got a $1115 sdge bill so in all an extra $750 a month more than normal sucks I use to live by the beach I never even ran an ac all summer
  11. yea i was thinking i was going to have to get a dihumdifier yea i live off the beach cities so normaly i have a nice breeze but not lately
  12. jamstigator

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    Very nice do-it-yourself rack! (Never thought I'd tell a dude he had a nice rack!)

    I use the string-and-safety-pin method myself, because I'm a cheap, lazy bastid. Of course, I don't have, and will never have, 12 pounds to dry. ;)
  13. u.g.u

    u.g.u Registered+

    Thanks Zandor and jamstigator.URACOTTONPICKER check craigslist for the dehuy I just picked an extra one up for $50 the same model that I already was using that I paid over $200 for I couldn't pass it up at that price.

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