sick baby little plants - please help diagnose

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by thelovecrew, Aug 4, 2017.

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    Hi eveyone.
    I have 2 little plants, both in 3rd week of veg state. They have a LED light 300w (Marshydro). Temperature is arround 30 degrees and humidity 50%. Light cycle is 20 - 4. One is OG Kush autoflower, and the other one is Auto White widow. I started adding Biorhizotonic (from biocanna) to the water. 0.4 ml per L, in every irrigation. So all was going very good, they looked really healthy but 4 days ago the bottom leaves started to show yellow borders, then got brown and then they died :_( . And now all the leaves (in both plants) are getting very scorched. I stopped giving them the rhizotonic two days ago, because I think that was way was too much for them. But apparently this is not helping. So I dont know if I overfeeded them, or if there is a luck of Nitrogen. I wait for the soil to dry before giving them water so I dont think the problem is overwater but maybe I should give them even less... They look like if I dont do something very quickly they will die.
    Also, a few white hairs appeard on the last days. For me it was weird because they are only 3 weeks old, but I read that this is common with auto feminized strigs. Something to do with this, maybe?

    Also, Im in Germany and here is really hot. Like 30 degrees this week. That could have caused them some stress, maybe.

    I hope someone can help. Im going to upload pictures so you can see what I am descibing.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english :p
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    If the soil is good to begin with, early fertilizing isn't really necessary. Did you start from seed, or clones?
    When one does begin to fertilize, it has to be very week.
    Are you using the 'lift test' to determine that the soil is dry before watering?

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