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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by rhizomes, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Hi folks,

    I'm really puzzled by these plants. They've developed yellowing/browning on the lower leaves and the affected leaves have become super brittle. At first, I'm thinking it's a phosphorous defeciency, but i'm not so sure anymore. I've Ph'd (6.0-6.5) all my water feedings, and have supplemented the water with some bloom formula to increase phosphorous...but some of the lower leaves are still developing new brown spots. The new growth is super healthy: vibrant green and soft to the touch. Not really sure how to proceed from here. Perhaps I am misdiagnosing this. MY grow conditions seem to be fine. Temps and humidity are all within a normal range. I'm growing in an organic soil mix that i've made with peat, perlite/vermiculite, and composted ferts.

    Any suggestions would be awesome.

    Here are some photos:
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    I can't see your photos. I have no idea how big your plants are, or what age they are.
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    I would not take this as gospel and it's a little hard to tell from the pics but it looks to me like you MIGHT have some fungal issues. Do you have a fan or fans blowing on your plants? I would not expect it on plants that young but I suppose if the spores are there it's possible. And it is usually the lower leaves that get it first.
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    Stagnant air and splashed water will jump start a fungal infection.
    Whatever that is, it looks localized. I'd sterilize a pair of scissors and remove the spots to prevent it's spreading.

    Whoops, just saw how old this is. You probably already have it handled.
    Carry on,

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