Sick plants. Somebody help please!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by DoctorJ, Sep 8, 2017.

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    I was going to say that it looks like nothing is wrong because it is normal for lower leaves to turn yellow.

    your photos aren't the clearest, but it looks like there is some discoloration on the upper leaves?

    It's one of:

    Cal/Mag deficiency (I'm thinking it's this one)
    Copper Deficiency

    If you think they have given/fed enough nutes and are still looking like that, then it's a PH issue for sure.

    Here...I use these links when I have issues:
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    Here's a few better pics Steve. Would you say mag deficiency or ph? It's got me stumped. Thanks
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    It's most probably a magnesium deficiency and not so much calcium. What you can do is add some eggshells cruched on the top surface of the soil to add calcium over time (it will break down) and go to the grow store and either buy magnesium or calmag (then you don't need the eggshells). Some people use Epsom salt for the could do that as well.

    This doesn't seem like a PH issue because PH brings more than just one problem...I will write a blog on that at some point. PH really screws up a plant to the point where it's not even recognizable.

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