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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by kshchrn831, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. kshchrn831

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    Hello! I just want to ask,
    - is it important that the sides of the plants get alot of light as well as the top?

    I have heard that just a light above the plants is all they need, but I have also heard, the more light the better.

    I am wanting to grow in a enclosed box, and during veg I want to put T5 2ft x4 bulbs on top and along the sides of the box, a couple of 4footers going vertical on the sides to keep the entire side of the plant lit up.

    Would this be worth it or a waste of time/money? Thanks!
  2. DaMasterKush

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    I just tried this myself.... I had a few Shop lights left over from a different set up... I set them up on the sides standing vertically..... I'll report any findings when I see them.
  3. kshchrn831

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    sweet! if you have grown before, maybe you will be able to notice a diffence from comparing.
  4. FlyGuyOU

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    side lighting can and does help. it provides light to the branches under the main canopy, allowing them to maximize their potential. this is one reason why vertical lighting helps with bigger yields.
  5. hanayama

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    ditto to flyguys comment

    think about it, in nature, the sun hits the plant at different points throughout the day.

    itll make them nice and full and bushy, instead of just growing straight up.

    i did it last grow and it definatly seemed to help.
  6. Mississippi Steve

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  7. MonkeyBone

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    I'll even use some cfls on the floor pointing up besides of having some on the sides and the top...360 degrees lights!
  8. XmaxxX

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    CFLS on the floor pointing up is a waste of money/time since the leaves absorb light only through the side that is facing up.
  9. FlyGuyOU

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    Not true. Plants absorb light any and everywhere they are green. all be it with different efficiencies
  10. MonkeyBone

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    IT DOES help A LOT!

    Top lights can't get to these lower branches but side lights do!

    But now they're aren't on the floor anymore, they are suspended like my top lights but they are lower, same level as the lower branches!
  11. JaySin

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    Glad I found this thread. I planned on putting T12s on the sides of my closet for better complete lighting, so now I definitely will. I'd imagine it will help a lot because of how close the plants will be to the wall, preventing even more or the light from the top from getting down to the lower branches.

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