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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Blunted22, Sep 26, 2006.

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    is the leaves curling up and getting brown spots on them a sign of over watering? they looked good when i went ot bed checked them 20 hours later starting to curl up and the ones that are curling up and the bigger ones they have brown spots or are startign to turn brownish anyone know whats going on?
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    this is not overwatering it is either some sort of deficiency or nutrient burn. post pics and give some more background (age of plant, amount/type of nutes) so someone can properly diagnose your problem.
    I'm thinking it's a nutrient burn, use just distilled water without nutes to see if the newer leaves are any better.

    If the leaves are crispy it's probably a nute burn. For this prob you can get some stuff from advanced nutrients call revive or/and just use distilled water for 5-7 days.
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    well they are getting crispy i just dont understand i made one big btch of nutrients been running it for 1 week and then all of the suddent did this over nigth.
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    im running a aeroflow type cloning machine btw
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    Plants often show signs of stress 3-6 days after the actual problem occured. You should be using VERY LITTLE nutrients if any while cloning. Just use distilled water for a week then if you're really ambitous use a fifth of what the nutrients say on the back for the rest of your cloning. Another thing that might help is a sugar refracto-meter, it measure the sugar content or something and can indicate plant stress before the plant shows signs. Oh, and another possibility is light stress, back your light up just in case if it's anything besides a flourescent.
  6. Blunted22,

    When leaves curl upward like a taco there might be a magnesium deficiency... u might try soaking 1tblspn of epsom salt in a gallon of water and do a foliar feed... that will be a temp fix... u will have to add some Mg (if that is the deficieny) to the soil..

    But if you have been overwatering and your soil has been wet for too long, then root rot could be causing the browing. To verify root rot, you can simply inspect the roots to see if they are browning instead of white. Good Luck.....

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