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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by KevinCubano, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. KevinCubano

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    :)ello, im on my 2nd or 3rd week of vegetative state with 3 plants. 1 of which is big bud strain that i ordered from nirvana. other 2 are from cryp seeds i got from a sack. well to get to the point.

    :jointsmile::jointsmile:im using soil with foil surrounding the plants nd i have 4 1600 lumen, 23 watt CFL's (Compact Fluorescent Lights) but im using 1 maybe 2 only because im workin with what i have. (NOTHING) :thumbsup: SOO i got 1 light about 4-5 inches away and another 6-8 inch away also. so from time to time when im done servin trees i go home for a cat nap

    and turnoff the lights for about 4 hours to give the plant alil rest.

    i just wanna know if im doin any mistakes? i SOMETIMES ash my blunt ash in the soil in mix it. heard it helps. also i spray water on the plants from time to time. and also use Miracle Grow HousePlant Food. So its getting pretty much everything

    it needs =]


    heres my babys now. well about 2 days ago. i know i know, your not supposed 2 grow all in the same pot.
    just comon im growing in my room lol if my dad walkd in he wouldnt flip, but he wouldnt be happy to see lol. so dnt worry bout me. just wonderin if any advice i dont know about or ANYTHING SHOULD HELP ME TELL ME. Goodlooks, stay blown. CRIME PAYS. PZ
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  2. BigLeagueJew

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    never heard of blunt ash. Lookin pretty good though.
  3. bigtopsfinn

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    WOW... where to begin.

    Growing in someone else's house without their knowledge is just wrong. Period. Do we really need to go into the legal ramifications here? How old are you anyways?

    Two plants in one pot, you know you shouldn't do it, but you are doing it anyways?

    1 or 2 cfl's won't grow anything, except maybe a weak-ass bong load (once every 4 months)

    Soil looks muddy with nothing to aerate it (perlite, vermiculite)

    You commented on another log that you would never spend more than $20 for supplies, so I might just be wasting my time here...

    The only recommendation I have is to put them outdoors, off your father's property, where they will actually have a chance of becoming something. :thumbsup:
  4. KevinCubano

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    lol great some1 who cant read:clap::clap::clap::clap:.thanks for the FRIENDLY :upsidedowadvice you cocksuckin hobo:thumbsup:
  5. BigLeagueJew

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  6. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+'s what you wanted to hear... they look awesome for 2+ weeks old!!! Keep up the good work and you will have the dank for sure :thumbsup::S2:
  7. BigLeagueJew

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    honestly your plants do look fine. Later on you will run into problems being that they are in the same pot. Take that advice and run along. Disrespect for the people on this site will get you nowhere.
  8. KevinCubano

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    :Rasta::Rasta:WORD. w.e. my shit is doin good for acouple weeks old with just standard supplies.ofcourse iwont be able to flower or anythin nd it might get stunted. but thats why im servin for $$ for supplies.just not goin crazy:wtf::wtf:
  9. KevinCubano

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    hope this helps :D:D

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  10. KevinCubano

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    3 speed fan. very big as you can see. blows on plants lightly if THAT. room is still abit hot need to get maybe 1 more fan. but silent because i alrdy have a fan on my ceiling room.

    again 2 1600 lumen 23 WATT.compact fluorescent light(CFL) bulbs.:jointsmile:
  11. cigarettes42

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    i think you forgot to foil the fan blades
  12. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    The killing me.
  13. filo6942

    filo6942 Registered+

    damn duudddddddde, you will prob yield like half a pound ,maybe more like that!!!!!
  14. KevinCubano

    KevinCubano Registered

    lol:cool::cool:i highly doubt ill yield more then a Q.P. with the setup i got now haha

    i wish though...:(

    :smokin::smokin:well yeah
  15. axxxxe

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    If you foil the fan blades you gotta post pictures!
  16. dejayou30

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    Putting foil on those box fan blades will help with light reflection as well as air circulation. The fan blades with foil are spinning and reflecting as the light shines, so it is almost like they are blowing light onto the fans. I've heard people say that foil on the blades increases yield up to 70%. I do it to all my fans.
  17. BigLeagueJew

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    this is just sad
  18. RamblerGambler

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    ...they shoot horses, don't they?

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