Simple Possession Charge...Need advice ASAP!!

Discussion in 'South Carolina (SC)' started by Serenity, Jul 27, 2015.

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    Hello everyone! I have been charged with simple possession and need some advice. Here's the story: My boyfriend had taken me to meet some friends and went to the local library to use their WiFi. My friend took me to the car, and long story short, we ended up having to call a tow truck. The next thing I know, I see blue lights. I guess the officer thought it was odd that we were at the library at 11PM. My boyfriend told me as the officer was walking up that he had MJ in a tin box that was in the dashboard. I freaked out and grabbed it to hide it, but the officer saw me and asked me what I was trying to hide. He went on to say that if I didn't tell him, he would get a warrant to search the car and would find it anyway. He said if I was honest with him about it from the beginning, he would work with me. I figured he would find it anyway, so I told him what it was. My license is currently suspended and I was dependent on my boyfriend to take me to work so I could pay my bills and support my daughter. I knew that if he was charged with it, he would lose his license and I would lose my job, my house, everything since he couldn't take me to work. So I said it was mine. In hindsight, the officer kept saying he knew it was mine and didn't even ask my boyfriend if it was his or if he knew about it. He was the driver!! He never arrested us, but I was never read my rights. The police report states I adamantly denied it and doesn't mentioned that I admitted to it. Would the conversation possibly have been recorded and could it be used against me? To give some background about my current situation: I had two DUS's when I was 18-19. I was naive back then and made mistakes and I am more responsible now. However, I was pulled over in November and was charged with another DUS. Basically, I paid a ticket late but didn't realize I had to take proof of that to the DMV since it was late and honestly had no idea it was suspended. Since it was my third one, despite the last two being over 12 years ago, I was labeled a habitual offender. I cannot drive for 2 years. I did not know until after the fact that if I am charged with this, I will not be able to get my license back for 5 years. My boyfriend is now my ex because he was a perpetual liar. I now have a job that allows me to work from home and my friends and mom take me to any appointments. My ex refuses to admit it was his, so it is my word against his. I have been smoking for 12 plus years and have never been caught because I am smart about it and do not drive around with it in the car! It is beyond me why my idiot ex thought it would be a good idea to go to go to the library late at night knowing he had marijuana on him! If I am charged with simple possession of marijuana, it will literally ruin my life! I want to be able to date and meet someone, go back to school, keep my job and be able to find a job in the future when I am ready to move on from my current one. All of these things will be nearly impossible without my license. I cannot afford a lawyer and my public defender is not helping at all! I am desperate to beat this and be found innocent (which I truly am!). IMHO, MJ should be legal anyways. But it isn't and I feel screwed! I apologize for this being so long. I just didn't want to leave any details out! I appreciate any advice that anyone may be able t

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