single hit of weed?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ReiReBo, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. ReiReBo

    ReiReBo Registered+

    if i have not smoked in 6 months and was clean for all that time

    if i took 1 hit of weed

    how long would that take to pass thru my urine so i would be clean again ?

    im guessing 2 days but what do you guys think?
  2. Spagett

    Spagett Registered+

    Dude, 1 hit? Probably even less than that man. I'd say less than 24 hours, but don't quote me on it
  3. ReiReBo

    ReiReBo Registered+

    im paranoid im on parole hahahaha

    i got high tho o_O
  4. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    A one time high can take 5-7 days depending on body weight, metabolism and physical activity. Take me for instance... I'm 6'0 tall and 156lbs with a metabolism from hell. Ive smoked the night before and used the dilution method and passed the next day. I would get a home test and use the first void of the day to see where you stand.

    Smoking on probation isn't wise man... jail time isn't worth a one time high.
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  5. ReiReBo

    ReiReBo Registered+

    if i get tested on friday would it be fine? or wut about Wednesday ?

    oh and it was just 1 hit... literally
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  6. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    It all depends on your body weight and metabolism... can you give me this info?
  7. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    I would not risk it, but it greatly depends on metabolism speed
  8. ReiReBo

    ReiReBo Registered+

    stop telling me not to risk it

    and give me an answer

    its to late to not risk it

    im 6 foots and 145 pounds im semi athletic altho this weak i haven't done that much i worked out 2 times this week

    im kinda poor i dont each much
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  9. henrytj420

    henrytj420 Registered will be fine man. I have been taking ua's on parole for 4 years , so I truly do have experience. Trust me, you are as good as gold if you only took 1 hit
  10. henrytj420

    henrytj420 Registered

    :thumbsup:Trust me, you will be OKAY!
  11. ReiReBo

    ReiReBo Registered+

    would that even be enough to come up?
  12. henrytj420

    henrytj420 Registered

    :thumbsup:If you took only one hit and you hardly ever smoke, then no it will not be enough to show up especially after a 24 hour period. Just follow the dilution technique if you are REALLY worried. You will be fine.
  13. ReiReBo

    ReiReBo Registered+

    well from what ur saying and other stuff ive read im not really worryed about it

    i think i found a place that i can piss at n spike the cup anyway ima check the place out more i dont think they will watch me
  14. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    Don't spike the cup or you might fail. Given your body size and metabolism you should do just fine. Pick up some metamucil and start taking the recommended dosage. This will help to excrete some of the thc metabolites through your colon. Some cardio will also help you to shed some as well. Read the dilution sticky above and practice with it up until test time. Substitute gatorade for water and cut the liquid dosage in half. Your skinny you should be fine.

    Remember don't over hydrate yourself... and don't spike the test.
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  15. ReiReBo

    ReiReBo Registered+

    does anyone know were i can buy thc home test strips like at a store?

    not online?

    due to the fact it would take to long to ship?
  16. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    Home THC test kits can be purchased at any chain pharmacy store.
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  17. ReiReBo

    ReiReBo Registered+

    i just wanna buy the cheap strips... not a home test kit
  18. doodd06

    doodd06 Registered

    i heard an ad on the radio yesterday about cvs selling test strips....
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  19. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    "Cheap strips" are a form of a home THC test kit. Kits come in strip, card, cassette, and EZ-cup forms. And the cheapest prices are found online. If for whatever reason that purchasing online is not an option, then you just have to settle with paying more for the kits at the pharmacy store.
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