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    I understand my problem is lack of light, or a light source too far away, but here's my question about tall skinny seedlings...if you plant them deeper, into a bigger pot, will the stems, that are under the dirt, grow roots along that stem, like a tomato plant does? Or will the stem just rot and the plant eventually die. I have some seedlings that are so tall and thin, but (knock on wood) are not top heavy AS OF YET, and I don't know what to do with them. I do use a fan on them, to try to strengthen their stems. Also, when starting with seeds, what can I do to keep the plants from getting tall and thin before they can get thicker stems? Keep them in the dark for awhile? I have other plants, that I am growing in a empty fish tank, and have gotten them to a nice healthy state, but I can't fit anymore plants in there. These seedlings I speak of, they are seeds I got from a nice salesman and am curious to plant and grow them this summer to see how they turn out. But since they are outside the fish tank, they don't have that great light source and are tall and skinny.
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    Put them deeper, yes like tomatoes they will grow roots. And get a light closer. CLF's are cheap and work good with little heat problems.

    Also they maybe sativa's and want to grow that way.
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    Seedling Stretch Fix...

    Darkness or insufficient light makes 'em stretch.
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    Thank you for all your help. I ordered CFL grow lights....:thumbsup:
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    when you replant your girls, to help roots grow up the main stem use the back of a knife and bruise the length of stem going under soil. this will encourage callousing and rooting.
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    That's an unnecessary risk. Works just fine without slicing or using rooting hormone.
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    Is this a male?

    Well, my seedlings did pretty well....I used a fan to help give the stems strength, they're still a little Skinny, but now that I've cut the light back to sex them, I think I found a male. I know this picture isn't the sharpest, I tried and this is taken under a magnifying glass, but I think this is a male plant. What I need is confirmation that I'm correct, if anyone can tell from this picture I would appreciate your comments before I destroy it. What I am seeing is teeny-tiny banana shapes at the top of the plant, and on the second set of leaves below the top.

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    It's impossible to see in that picture, maybe you should see if your camera has a macro function as it will let you get really good zoom shots of the picture....Completely honest I don't think anyone will be able to tell you with this picture!
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    I tried to take another picture with another camera on macro and it wont show up...the top is just too small to be picked up by camera - thanks though! I am 99% sure it's male. :thumbsup:
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    you wont be able to tell sex until after you start flowering. If that is only a couple weeks old then you cant tell yet.
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    Here's my girls

    I have already placed 4 plants out in the wild , and these are what's left. Of course they are promised to my friends who has helped me out and gave me advice on how to get the plants to sex. I wish I had more places to plant these, so I could reap the benefits, but share and share a like. So far, out of 30 plants, I had 4 males, 3 hermies, and all but 5 (which were planted 4 weeks later than the first bunch and aren't sexing up yet) are females. I am impressed. These five that I planted later are from some one who sells and I wanted to see what type of weed those seeds would produce. The other seeds I planted were from my plants in 2006 and 2008 (I couldn't do anything in 2007 due to surgery). The smoke was very nice with no paranoia feelings, my friends really enjoyed it. I had a few Hermie plants last summer and I stupidly let them grow, so I got more seeds than weed last year. I have learned from my mistakes and won't let it happen again. Anyways, I am happy with my little "family" and hope to have a great outdoor growing season, and I wish the same for everyone out there!

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