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    I started the thread called ideas, painretreat said I should make another thread for the Legalisation Slogan so as they don't get muddled up.

    So get to it.

    After we have a slogan I will start making some posters. Everyone is welcome to make their own too. Go read the other thread. The idea is that we will all put them up around the same time.
  2. painretreat

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    I think I saw a slogan on a T-shirt:

    Picture of leaf and it said: Legalize Now!

    How about, "Lealize now- Blaize one at ___ (the time to start) on 4/20/10 !

    Inform all the activist groups. May or may not have some compliance. I am sure So. Cal. will be in it!!!

    Seeing the WA Mall for the Prez., makes ya wanna go there and do it. Wonder if BHO will come out and blaize with us! I like that he never said, "I tried it and didn't like it, so never tried it again!"

    Now that is a slogan for legalization (not civil disobedience). Naw, too long.

    I Blaize, do you? With a leaf on it!:greenthumb: (yeh, found my green thumb)

    You think we need to get more public awareness prior to a public blaize?
    I say that because: I had a 70 yr. old heart rehab patient once that said she had tried it all! I was amazed and as you know, I usually ask too many ?'s! Anyway, she said, 'If I am going to tell my son not to do it, I figure I ought to know what I am talking about!" That was 25 yrs or so ago! P/R:jointsmile:

    All my friends that have moved all ovet the country the past 30 yrs would post for us in their respective states, also! Dallas, Northwest Arkansas, Portland-Salem-Lincoln City, Oregon and Van., WA! Reminds me of being a teen-ager and running our bras up the local library flag post during a 2 wk closure! Those bras were there for the entire 2 weeks! Only to find out 3 mos. ago, my Well man lived across the street a distance from here! P/R

    Run flags up all flag poles in public for the cause! Stealth! If something got publicity on TV, it would help. How would they stop us. Stop both wars and have our soldiers come home to police us??? 1 way to get them home. They may not want to come if they are running across the guerilla grows there!:Rasta:
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    LCD: What happened to the original thread? P/R??
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    It's still there, I'll post a link when the forum gets unbusy.
    EDIT: Ah, here we are!

    And I got some slogan ideas. Two from
    Something like I support legalisation as the main theme of posters and then....
    "Because I need protection from murderers and rapists more than I need protection from junkies and stoners."
    "Because there are no gangs fighting over whiskey territories"

    And my own I thought of a while ago and just remembered....
    "It's not a health issue, it's a wealth issue."
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  5. Hempfester

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    Overgrow the Government!

    I've been reading a bunch of cannabis activism threads from a few diff websites and one slogan caught my eye..."Overgrow the Government!".

    If you google that term, you will see that a few groups have used that slogan in the past, but I don't think anyone has a trademark claim on it or anything.
  6. painretreat

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    Slogan: been in the wrong spot.

    Now that it is slogan, I doubt i'll get confused again! Can you put it in your signature for others?? Please.

    HF: Sound like a good slogan. How do we make it into a Legalize in all 50 slogan? and use for a all american smoke time. Like sticking your head out your window and saying, "I'm mad as hell and I ain't gonna take it anymore!"

    and I bet a lot of peeps don't even know that one.

    I am not a forum hopper, etc. Just here. Loyal to the core! Usually ends up bad too! Are they planning anything other than that? Please spy for us. Are any of those places for Activism only. Of course, we do have anti-activism club here, too.

    I've watched this thing for too many decades to sit back. So, gotta get my 2 cents in before the torch gets passed and I missed it. I still miss the marches on DC from the good ole days. Instead of getting more rights, they are disappearing. Guess you can live long enough to see anything, even in a short life. Some don't know what a typewriter is and I am begining to think I am forgetting or will.

    This slogan will need to pour over to getting everyone to go outside and light up at once! Or stand in support. Are any others like or similar to that? WE need to get it into the media with peace and kindness. If every site is waiting for the other, nothing happens. I would appreciate some info. And won't call you deep throat either!

    Thanks for the help and please hang in. All thots and suggestions, no matter how rediculous would be a help. P/R :cool:

    I have seen that Overgrow the Gov't here in this spot in the past, I am pretty sure. Think a .com and how to start one committed group would chime in? P/R
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  7. luciddreamer

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    Thanks P/R.
    I agree, I've only been at this a few years, I'm only 19, but I feel so tired of it. I was just reading over the Aus Govt's new revision of the scheduled substances act or whatever and it says any medical practitioner who has a patient using a schedule 9 substance (the "most dangerous" here) has to report it to the Govt. Fucking retarded, I don't think most doctors do it though haha (my dad is one).
    You can read about this here if you want....

    Also I think that site may be able to help us. It is a site created by Niall (is it just my stoner thought or is that guy from these forums? I swear I've heard that name before). It just has solely facts about Cannabis, uses the real name so people will get that re-enforced in their minds. It is a short URL we could show on the shirts.

    Maybe a simple slogan like:

    Get the

    America could use NORML and I'm pretty sure they would love to help out with funding, they've got funding for heaps of things from the committed people over there. The only thing is it isn't JUST a facts site. So I dunno. If you can find one post it.
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    And first we have to....get mad! I don't want you to protest. I don't want you to riot - I don't want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first you've got to get mad. sooo, stick your head out the window and yell.... what you said.

    That really fits in today with the "economic meltdown" and all.
  9. StickyfingahZ

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    I almost bought a shirt at the swap meet in hawaii,but they didnt have my size lol
    It was simple it just had a grey leaf in a square and it said "iburn"
  10. cannakeeper

    cannakeeper Registered+ thoughts....A very artistic and tasteful logo and slogan to be placed on a shirt or other literature, logo and slogan on front and nothing but facts on the back. If there are 1000's of uses for hemp/cannabis than we should'nt run out of shit to print in that respect. Additionally, facts such as jails being the most profitable biz in the country, pharma co's not being able to trademark a plant but can do so with an identical synthetic form of THC, clearly admitting medicinal value for it. Govt still refuses to reschedule from class1 stating no medicinal value. The Govt "flip flop" prohibition through history....etc..etc. No shortage of facts there either.
    It appears to me that our only problem is a media outlet and revenue for shirts/printing and for a paper stockpile(hemp paper/shirts a must) for lit. With enough people soliciting with a hemp clothing wholesalers or some other rescource, we should be able to get some sort of sponsors and in return, we could find events to sponsor as well. Hell, why not start a biz from it??? I know for a fact I could rent a space and set up a booth at a few big racing events and sell an ASSLOAD of shirts. A line of funny qwerky statement type shit would fur shur, you know how "hard core" shit sells these days. How much revenue do you think we could pour into this if half the members here bought 1 item and sold 10??? How many would those 10 reach with a .com on every item. Last year I bought a shirt from an egay store, I contacted them when it was slow to arrive and they asked me to please be patient, they had more than 15000 orders on just my item and were waiting on more shirts...SHIT FIRE!!!!....ok, end of this chapter for now. I am working on a logo similar to one I saw on the net and will try and load tonight.
  11. luciddreamer

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    So we sell on ebay?

    I'm pretty sure there's only one place that sells hemp shirts in Australia, it's no where near me but I might be able to get some. I think I'm going to need to go and recruit some people from ozstoners as I think I'm the only Aussie here lol
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    damn ya'll are so damn sloooooo. its all over already!! the Obama admin is going to legalize marijuana and TAX the fucking shit out of it and make BILLIONS for the GOV fuk we wont beable to grow our own fuk:mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    I find it strange that nobody in the world knows (admits?) the true origins of the '4:20' cannabis inference, but it happens to be adolph hitlers birthday too. Celebrated by skinheads, nazi's and other scumbags, worldwide. Kinda makes ya wonder...was 4:20 denoted as a celebration of hitlers ineptitude and downfall, or a celebration of his atrocities against europe, the jews and the mentally ill...or just an unsettling coincidence...?

    How about:
    Fuck 4:20, I blaze per my doctor's recommendation.
    4:20 is meaningless...I blaze when my doctor tells me to blaze.
    (this is still a medical cannabis site, right?)

    -or in the spirit of the 2nd ammendment: (Rusty's addendum v. 2.5) The Medical Marijuana Militia: a well regulated Militia, being necessary for the security of a 'pain' free State, the right of the people to keep and bear bongs, shall not be infringed)
  14. cannakeeper

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    No worries mate, still fun to boost awareness to the brainwashed masses if you can as well as gett'in a party started right. We all anxiously wait for that to come true but in the meantime A big part of this for me is possibly reaching people that maybe have Migraines, nerve asscociated pain,...well you know how long that list can get, but the "Joe Plumber" lol that may not even have a clue there is relief, due to the same life-long lies fed to them as all have at one point. Even if "legalized" or Decrim..whatever, those people will still have no clue and just believe the Govt just gave up on the "Devil Weed" instead of seeing this "MEDICINE" was denied them with lies. With cannabis, Ignorence is NOT bliss. People should know they have the option right now to medicate themselves and should not wait on the Govt to allow them to. I think an ad slogan for Cannameds that would sell itself and over-run Phizer and Merk is "side effects may NOT include; headache, nausia, diarrhea and especially not anal seepage". ROTFL Damn it would be awesome to be on the cusp of that money flow before those dog dicks make even more billions on that medicine too.
    Dreamer: The shirt I bought was a racing theme but not sure of egay policy on "drug" themes. The reference was more of a sheer sales numbers possibilities but both them and craigslist may be a possibility. And your peeps are everywhere, they're just keeping it on the "down unda"..wait thats "down low" sorry. lol
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  15. Rusty Trichome

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    Strictly speaking...not all cannabis users are liberals. Some of us republicans actually can put our own thoughts together to make an educated and honest appraisal of everything in our lives...recreation and health issues included.

    The more we represent this pholosophy as a general approach to federal decriminalization, the more the results will remain the same. (insanity: doing the same thing over and over...but expecting different results)
    Same with the "gett'in a party started right" approach...If you want to party, let's party. If you want social or legal change, wouldn't it be more productive to go at it with a clear head, honest discourse and organized efforts at getting our image out of the Cheech and Chong light? Or has getting together, lighting a few joints, and continuing a demonstrative strategy of lung capacity, really worked?

    I've ben a part of this movement since the Paraquat Kelly (morning DJ at KLOS or KMET radio, Los Angeles) days of testing our imported pot for poisons, (Paraquat and marijuana) sprayed on cannabis fields in Mexico by our DEA. (yet still imported by the robber barron pot cartels, knowing it's leathality) And after decades of efforts, not one damn thing has changed since, on the federal level. Yet the NORML approach (public demonstrations) remains the model for getting the message out. Yeah...that always ends well.
    PETA has a better image than cannabis users. Now what does that say about our marketing and image strategies...?

    I love the idea that the movement still exists...I would just like to see it evolve, too.
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    As I stated, this is my rendition of a pic I saw on web. I changed the leaf from 8 fingers to 7 and lengthened the staff. Unsure of the artist but cred 2 them anyway.

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    Herb for Heaven. Let's bring Heaven to Earth. Condone Cannabis.
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  18. veggii

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    ok ya got me heres a slogan;
    front logo
    Marijuana Saves Me!
    back logo
    list 1-10 top 10 ways it saves you

    :hippy: :hippy: :hippy: :hippy: :hippy:
  19. cannakeeper

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    Cannabis is more than compassion, it's commonsense. More sketches to come, hopefully in a few hours.
  20. cannakeeper

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    A few changes to quick sketch #2(Thanks Rustytrichome) Anyone else? also popped off a quickie with a Ouroboros theme around the tree of life. All ideas will of course be finalized in much detail. These are just a quick scratch. Ideas on the wings of Caduceus...traditional, swept mj leaves, other symbolic symbol?? dont know why such shitty scan all of sudden..try to scan it again

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