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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by CannabisUser01, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. CannabisUser01

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    I can roll a blunt just fine but since I plan on getting dank how should I roll a blunt in order to make it burn slowly? Is there a certain paper you would recommend to me that burns slowly? Please and thanks in advance yall
  2. bowls n souls

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    i might be wrong but i really dont think that there is a special paper/wrap that will make your blunt burn slower... as they say i think it all just comes down to your ability to roll :/
  3. wil86

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    Make sure you roll it tightly and make sure the weed is really compacted down, that'll help it burn slower.
  4. imitator

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    Lose blunts will burn alot quicker.

    Its one of the few benefits of being a packer instead of a roller. Packing means I can get the mofo's nice and tight enough that they burn like a cigar.
  5. Registered+

    i roll it then pack it like a mofo so its solid. i find that dutch's burn slow. or you can add some honey, that'll slow it too.
  6. hurricanexxgame

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    the game dutches are slow buring dutches.....or u can get the dutch masters green blunt...they burn alil slower.....but the game dutches are the best slow burners.
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  7. Masta Mynd

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    roll it tighter.
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  8. sLiMBLaZeDD420

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    Pretty much. My bro rolls em tight they burn slow but are kinda harder to hit. I roll em looser ( not by choice mind you) and they burn faster.:thumbsup:
  9. Dren

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    you're better off smoking dank out of a bong or nice pipe than a blunt.

    rolling wastes more of the weed because it keeps burning between hits. pack that shit into a bong and light it up, save rolling for mids and schwag.

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