SMALL CLOSET GROW OP- how should i do it??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by smokewitme909, Dec 28, 2012.

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    BUT... i've never grown a plant, so im going to to start off small to get some expirience so i dont completely
    tank my first harvest. I plan on growing in a small closet, maybe like three medium sized plants, and have already plaaned
    out my set up but im unsure on a few details. Please only give advise if you have had successful grow and would consider yourself an expert.

    My plan: to set up my closet i was going to pull up the carpet and paint the floor underneather white
    Paint the walls white (ofcourse let it air out)

    Put some raisers on the floor to set the plant pots on (unsure of size and soil to use)

    Im also still unsure on wether or i should use flourescent lamps at closer range
    or a small H.I.D.

    I was going to put two fans in there maybe three or four

    Im also unsure if i should worry about humidity or a hefty electric bill

    Please if i left anything out dont hesitate to tell me
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    Of course, I don't grow. But, you left out a bucket full of information. I would suggest you call the Inland Empire Health and Wellness Center in 909 and take the free classes, on growing.

    And of course; Cannabis FAQs / FAQ , Recipes, Medical Marijuana
    Get all the info; right there!

    Oh, and welcome Future Farmer of America..
    Do you use the plant? :Rasta: pr
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    I researched growing full time for nearly 6 months before I put my first seed in the ground - and I still killed it.

    But I bet a guy like you should succeed on sheer dumb luck alone!

    Anyway - How you grow is completely up to you. Asking how other people grow is irrelevant, I have a mentor
    that I go to quite often for information, and he and I use different grow mediums, lights, nutes, and even seed
    banks! So - research, plan, act - Make sure you stick to the plan.

    I've currently got a perpetual harvest going on, and I'm yielding per plant what people told me I could never do,
    actually, they said I couldn't do it with my current setup :D All in all, you get out of it what you put in. I put in 6
    months of research, screwed everything up the first time, scrapped my plan and started over, and I'm getting almost 6
    ounces per plant, in a 5 gallon bucket using CFL lighting :D (that's good)

    So if I were you, I'd start with my space, then take care of my air concerns and light leaks - as far as an adjustable shelf
    on the floor, or plant stands... 5 minutes of research will show you the several different types of light slides you can use...

    Also, you stated you have 'big plans' - You've only planned one stage of your grow so far, your already thinking about big
    crystalized buds - but it takes a plant time to develop enough to be put into the flowering stage, so you need a seedling,
    and veg area as well :)

    Anyway, I won't tell you how to grow, and I'll answer specific questions, but remember, your the man with the plan, so... Start laying it out and figuring out what you need brotha :Rasta:
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    Yup i am a frequent user haha so i will be smoking my alot of my own supply which is also why im going ti have to grow a lot of buds
  5. smokewitme909

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    Lol thats true i didnt consider i would have to change up my grow closet during the different stages
    but i also switched up the plan from flourescent lights to a single H.I.D with reflector...
    Now this h.i.d i plan on buying is supposedly good for vegging AND ofcourse blooming
    as of nutes i intend on using "advance nutrients" because theyre made specifically for cannabis.

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    If you are going to go with HID.. make sure you stick with HPS.. they are good for veg.. and best for flowering (which is 80% of the plants life). You dont necessarily need to raise the plants up off the floor, the other option would be to use chains or yo-yo pullys to adjust the height of your light.. Its usually a little easier than raising the plants up and down ;-). Advanced Nutrients is good food.. but over priced IMO.. there are cheaper options that work just as well.. I prefer General Hydro Flora series... but to each their own! As long as you get a quality 3 part food.. you should do well! One thing you will want to consider when using HID in a closet.. is the HEAT.. those lights put off crazy heat.. so you will want to make sure you have an extraction system of some kind.. I prefer the air cooled light systems like the cool tubes... the lights run on a sealed vent loop in and out of the room, and a high powered fan blows the heat directly off the lamp and out of the room.. You may want to look into something like this if you are growing in such a small space. Good luck!
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  7. smokewitme909

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    Another thing i was wondering. After watching a few of the advanced nutes videos on youtube
    I hear big mike say its for hydroponics alot.

    Can i use the advanced nutes on pot...(hehe "POT") soil plants too?

    XXXJAYXXX Registered+

    Yes, but the formulas are different. Make sure you are using a feeding schedual designed for soil.. Im pretty sure the calculator on their website has an option for soil or hydro.. Most plant foods can be used with both, but the mixtures are usually strong with hydro. If you plan on sticking with Advanced.. I highly recommend their B-52, Carboload, Voodoo Juice, and Big Bud.. the additives are quite expensive.. but they work well.. Especially the B-52.. I also recommend foilar feeding with an organic seaweed extract like Growth Plus.. spray every day at lights on.. stop two weeks before harvest.. the stuff works wonders!
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    Thnx alot =D i will definately note this

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