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    Im am really tired of growing 5 and 6 feet plants. I really want to grow a small plant about 12 to 18 inches that produces at least 28 grams. Is its possible and if so can I get some ideas. Hydro set up.
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    try growing a shorter strain and LST the lil bugger
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    small plants with BIG BUDS is my Specialty......

    Decided to rephrase your question huh...... 18" is closer to the size that can produce an oz+/-....

    Check out this thread ------> <------this was when I was still new to hydro.... The system used in that thread is a GH RainForest36 aeroponic system.... I added two six inch air stones with air pump to res for added oxygen to the res.... I liked that little system so much that I bought another....

    Here is a somewhat detailed thread on small plants with big buds ------> <------my results have gotten waaaaaay better since then....

    Small plants with BIG BUDS is all I grow now....

    So given the right light/space/nutes/overall environment, your desired results can be achieved....

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